Castle Restoration Funding

We have received the report from GeoArc Ltd. of Galway on the Geophysical study of the Crowley Castle at Ahakeera. The survey indicates several disturbances under ground, which could have some significance. It is probable that the Castle was about 13 meters by 11 meters and possibly had a tower on one corner. The present condition of the site doesn't show any indication of out buildings or outer walls. However, there are enough indications that perhaps an "invasive investigation" would be warranted in the future. We plan to have the full report analyzed by archeological experts to see if further action is warranted. An archeological "dig" and an aerial photo of the site may be future options, assuming funds are available.

The complete report is about 30 pages and includes a history on Tower Houses, color photos of the ruins of the Crowley Castle and surrounding site, regional and detailed color location maps of the Castle, various maps of the surveys done, and, finally, interpretations of the surveys.

A copy of the full report will be sent to anyone who donates a minimum of $25(US) to the project. For your copy, contact:

Thomas R. Crowley
Clan Taoiseach
246 Wolcott Rd.
Akron, Ohio 44313