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In between issues of the Crowley Clan Newsletter, join us on our Facebook page, You will find Crowley news, information about Crowley gatherings, news about Irish travel and about genealogy. Feel free to join in the discussion or to post your own news.

Beginning in 2003, the Crowley Clan Newsletter has been made available to for publication on the web. The online issues are:

2016 Spring Summer   (Epub) Autumn   (Epub)
2015 Spring Summer Autumn
2014 Winter/Spring Summer Autumn
2013 Spring Summer Autumn
2012 Winter/Spring Summer Autumn
2011 Winter/Spring Summer Autumn
2010 Spring Summer Autumn
2009 March July November
2008 March July November
2007 March June November
2006 March July November
2005 March July November
2004 March July November
2003 March July November

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is filled with information about subjects of interest to members of the Crowley Clan and to others engaged in family research. Published three times a year, the annual subscription fee of $8.00 (US, or equivalent Uniform Postage Coupons) covers the cost of copying and postage.

Stories, news, genealogical queries and historical information for publication in the newsletter are appreciated. Send these items and/or subscription requests to:

Crowley Clan Newsletter
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The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
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