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Tom Crowley, Wales: I was very impressed with the newsletter especially Don Perkins family background. Now that is a real "wild west" story. I can recall as a young boy of 7 years seeing films of the American West and the men who pioneered the interior meeting up with the Indians. "Our" Samuel Crowley must have been as tough as nails and highly intelligent to have learned the Shawnee language.

Sunny Crowley, Honolulu, Hawaii: : I am participating in the National Geographic Human Genome project to find out my genetic migration trail. It is fascinating. I recommend the following websites: (National Geographic DNA test)

Lisa Butchart, Ontario, Canada: Could you please send information about the Crowley reunion when it becomes available? I am the manager of Canadian fiddler Chrissy Crowley and her debut CD is currently under production. I will be looking for performance opportunities for her and especially wish to take her to Ireland. If the reunion committee is organizing entertainment, I could arrange for Chrissy to perform (for free as it is a clan gathering). Thanks Marian! Here is my website:

Sue Crowley, Arizona: Sunny & I are going to Spain in March. I so enjoyed Don Perkins answer to my "Crowley Progenitors" in the July newsletter. It was great.

Bill Crowley, Florida: I thought you might be interested in the following, perhaps as a short article on locating missing Crowley funds to finance the 2007 trip to the Clan Gathering. (Editor's note: I think Bill is kidding about financing a trip, but you never know.) If you know you are due a refund from the IRS:
If you are missing a Federal Tax refund, or think someone may be missing a refund:
Here is MSNBC's contribution:

Loretta Everingham, Australia, I am researching my Crowley ancestors Timothy Crowley and his wife Margaret Murphy. Their names appear on certificates for my great-great grandfather John Albert Crowley born 1824 in County Cork. He came to Australia in about 1844 and died in Victoria, Australia in 1899 at 75 years of age. His death certificate by the informant states he was born at Toorinadrummond (spelling could be wrong) in County Cork, but I have never been able to find that place. John Albert Crowley married Bridget Mary Agnes Noonan in Victoria in 1857. She also was from County Cork. Her parents were Denis Noonan and Julia McGrath. I am wondering if there is any way your readers could help me.

Miriam Geraghty, Surrey, England, I have just read the November 2005 issue of the Crowley Clan Newsletter and was very interested in the article by Trish Crowley Nelson "California meets Kilrush". She mentions James Bartholomew Crowley's (he is my great grand uncle) grave in Kilmihil, and I have recently been doing some research on him and would love to know more about the Crowleys in San Francisco. My great grandmother was Margaret Crowley (sister of James Bartholomew) and presumably sister of Michael James Crowley.

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