My Son Bill

Last spring Bill Was checking his e-mail and noticed a bulk mail entitled "Do You Want To Be A Jeopardy Contestant?" Since his childhood Bill has watched Jeopardy and hoped that he would one day appear on the show and be a Jeopardy Champion. He immediately applied.

Soon Bill received e-mail notification that he had been chosen to compete to become a contestant. He traveled to Toronto where he was among 400 people trying out. Each contestant was to answer 50 questions in 50 different categories and was given a personality test and an aptitude test. Out of the 400 six were chosen. And Bill was one of the six!

Six months later Bill was invited to go to Los Angeles, at his own expense, where he was chosen from a group of other hopefuls to be a Jeopardy contestant. His dream had finally become a reality. Bill became a Jeopardy Champion. His two appearances netted him $16,000 (American). While his mother Crystal and I were overwhelmed with pride and joy, Bill being an overachiever had hoped to go further. I reminded him that millions of people have tried to become Jeopardy contestants. Those chosen are a very intelligent group. Any contestant appearing on Jeopardy is a champion in his own right. And most never achieve the title of Jeopardy Champion.

The results of Bill's 15 minutes of fame have been appearances on national Canadian and U.S. television, interviews on five local television stations and seven radio stations, numerous newspaper articles, a special ceremony honouring him by the Mayor and Town Council of Goderich, requests to speak at schools as far away as Stratford and London, worldwide recognition, and most import having his dream come true.

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain