Genealogical Research in County Clare

The genealogy centre in Corofin will do genealogy work for you if you can't make the trip to Co. Clare. If you're in Co. Clare however, it has slim pickings (and the National Library in Dublin is difficult to navigate). The best spot is the de Valera Public Library in Ennis. As you stand on the street facing the library (on Harmony Row), the records building is the wing on the right. There's a wealth of information; census records and aplotment books on microfiche, old newspapers and magazines, and a staff member who can get you started. Contact (065) 6846353 for opening hours. Also, township libraries frequently have collections of local history and politics, but these may need to be searched by hand (as was the case in Kilrush). Finally, in searching for graves try the parish priest first, but my husband was able to get a hand-drawn map of the Kilmihil cemetery from the postmaster. The best advice? Talk. Ask. Everyone has a story to tell and is more than happy to share it.

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