Letter from the Crowley Clan Taoiseach

I am pleased to report that the restoration work on the Crowley Castle has been given the go ahead and work began the week of March 18th. Fourem Consulting Engineers have finished the planning and permiting stage. The Department of the Environment has issued the permits. A builder has been chosen and will begin work as soon as the weather cooperates. A total of €22,000 will be needed to complete phase one.

Any of you who have been to the Crowley Castle know how inspiring it is and how important it is to our heritage as Crowleys. The work to preserve it has begun, and we can't let it stop.

The Crowley Clan Council is calling on all Crowleys to help with this important work in whatever way you can. Contributions both large and small are important. If you can make a sizable contribution, that will be most welcome. But all contributions are important.

After years of deterioration, finally the work will begin to insure that future generations of Crowleys will be able to visit their ancestral home site. Those of you who are coming to the Crowley Clan Gathering in September of this year will be able to see the results of the restoration work.

Please send your contributions either to your country rep listed here or send it directly to our treasurer, Flor Crowley. Please be sure to write “Castle Restoration Fund” in the memo field.

God bless.
Liam Crowley

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain