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Tom Crowley, Akron, OH: (
I've had several people ask me what is road bowling and what is a mass rock. Road bowling is an old game using what were small cannon balls. It is done in only 2 or 3 areas in Eire and County Cork is one of them. The idea is to see how far down the country road you can make the ball roll. Some experts can do almost a mile! We have someone demonstrate and then have two people teams from each county compete for fun. Lots of fun!

At each Gathering we have Crowley priests celebrate Mass at an area that was used for that purpose hundreds of years ago when the English forbade it. Locations are hidden from the road and are very beautiful. All are welcome, Catholic or not. It is a remembrance of what we went through years ago

Dennis Baker, North Yorkshire, England: (
I wonder if you or one of your Crowley genealogists could help me with my search for my Crowley ancestors. The only one I know about is a Honoria(h) who I believe was born around 1811 in Ballyvourney, County Cork. She married a Denis Creedon, probably in the same village in the early 1830s, before emigrating to Bradford, Yorkshire, England after 1836, but before 1840. Any help or direction would be much appreciated.

Pauline Crowley-Zieltjes, New Zealand: (
We are moving into our summer holidays and Christmas celebrations, and this is the time of the year that our Crowley Clan has our picnics and get-togethers. We are hoping to make up a troop to come to Eire, and my 86 year old Dad is also wanting to come along with my Mum so we will be needing a hospital ship I think. Our Kiwi dollar is always hard up against it to come to Europe and it is bread and water all the way til we get there. Just happy to see you all in the Emerald Isle and enjoy our Crowleyness with the history which for us all is like a fairytale and the Craic that goes with it. For us Kiwi Crowleys we are the last bus stop before the South Pole and no matter where we journey, its going to cost. But you will get no fuss from us.

Sue Crowley, AZ: (
Sunny and I are going again to the reunion in Clonakilty. And Sunny's two Aunties from Texas, her Dad's two sisters are coming with us. We are excited to show them the places we fell in love with in Ireland and for them to meet all our wonderful new friends. See ya there, I hope.

Donal F. Crowley, Dublin, Republic of Ireland:
Here is a list of Crowley Clan Rallies since 1970. I hope this information will be helpful, Slean go Foill.
Sept. 1970 - Rally at Ahakeera, Crowley Castle
Sept. 1972 - Kinsale, Battle of 1601
Sept. 1974 - Bandon, O'Boyle’s plan for Bandon
Sept. 1976 - Timoleague, History of the Abbey
Sept. 1978 - Kinsale, Siege of Charles Fort
Sept. 1980 - Dunmanway, Mass Rock at Gleanmucha
Sept. 1982 - Ahakeera, Presentation of the Castle to Owner
Sept. 1984 - Kilbrittain, History of the Castle
Sept. 1986 - Courtmacsherry Bay, History of Ship Disasters

Anna Crowley, Portland, OR (
My grandfather was a part of the Crowley upholstery business that was established in San Francisco in the early 1900's by J.B. Crowley and his brother. My grandfather's name was Michael Joseph Crowley. His father Thomas Crowley lived and died in the town of Kilmihil, Co. Clare.

My father George David Crowley is one of two children born to Michael Joseph Crowley and Agnes O'Donnel in San Francisco. My dad's birthdate is December 16, 1926. I have a document that a cousin put together in 1976 that traces the family back to around 1750 or so.

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