The Crowley/Croley DNA Project

The Crowley/Croley DNA Project is asking members of the Crowley Clan Project to open their results for direct comparison. This can be done a couple of ways, but the easiest is for the members to open their own DNA results page, on FTDNA, and click the Join Button near the top in the drop down menu. Crowley/Croley should be visible, click on it and follow the instructions. Joining other existing projects is FREE, as is YSearch.

The other way to compare your results is to join YSearch. The button is next to the JOIN button, and you set the password. In YSearch participants from any company can post or upload their results and compare with others globally. Either method is easy. There is very little risk to placing your results in the public view. They are only useful for genealogical comparison to others.

For those who "join" the Crowley/Croley project the results are made viewable on the project website, and color coded to make the comparisons easier. The Crowley/Croley Project is a general focus on any Crowley or similar spelling/pronunciation surname.

The Project began as a venue to trace the DNA of the descendants of Jeffrey Crowley, a suspected English Crowley, and this past month we merged with another "Crowley" project to begin to consolidate the results in one place. The mail list is our discussion forum, and this mail list focuses on the Jeffrey Crowley lines as well as the DNA project.

It has been suggested that the various groups work more closely to determine origins, and that we solicit area participants in both England and Ireland to establish which DNA "chains" go to which origin. A place to foster such sampling is at reunions, gatherings, and by personal networking. If participants want to donate funds toward the testing program, it is also possible to do so. We have user donations of $250 currently set aside for tests, much more will be needed to make it worthwhile.

The purpose of the project is to discover origins, support traditional genealogy research, guide our future research, and gather a common base of knowledge on family migrations and affiliations. Thank you for your consideration. Questions may be referred to Jeffery G. Scism (descendant of Jeffrey Crowley) at or 909-888-0417.

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain