The Crowley Clan Castle

Once the Crowley Castle stood in glory in a beautiful valley called Ahakeera in West Cork. It was the ancient home of the proud Crowley Clan. Today only a part of one wall remains. And that is in precarious condition. Taoiseach Liam Crowley is proposing that Crowleys from around the world join today to fund the work to stabilize the Crowley Castle. The work is now in progress and the projected cost is €22,000.

We are asking Crowleys from all countries to join in helping with the restoration. Donations can be mailed to your country representative. And all donations, no matter the amount, are welcome. If you are able to make a substantial contribution, that would be wonderful. Hopefully all Crowleys from all countries will contribute at a level they feel appropriate. Please help to preserve our heritage!!!

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain