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Kathleen McMahon, 12624 St. James Road, Rockville, MD 20850:
I am looking for information about the family of my grandmother, Mary Crowley Lynch, who was born 19 Jul 1836 in Bantry, County Cork. Her father was John Crowley and her mother was Mary Shea. Mary Crowley married Michael Lynch about 1855, and she died 20 Aug 1890 in LaCrosse, WS. Her siblings were Daniel Crowley born about 1834 in Bantry, died 25 Mar 1905 also in LaCrosse, WS, and Michael Crowley born about 1836 in Bantry and died in 1857 in Houston County, MN. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Bud Lewis, Milford, NH, USA: (
My wife's grandmother Lilia Lee Cawley was the daughter of McDonald D. Crowley. For years no one knew her family tree as she was raised as an orphan in Rising Star, TX (Eastland Co). I posted on Genforum, and another Texas Cawley responded with knowledge of the family as her grandfather was also an orphan of the same family. We compared notes and pieced the story together. McDonald D. Cawley (Crowley) was born in Ireland about 1843, immigrated to Melbourne, Australia and then to United States at age 14. He married Kathleen Turner in Waco, TX in 1870.  He died Jan 22 1882 in Del Rio, TX in a railroad construction accident. Later that year Kathleen died in Desdemona TX. M.D. and Kathleen Crowley were listed in the 1880 census with five children: Mary 10, William 7, James 5, Lillie 3 (Lilia Lee), Laggane 1. One of the girls died in an accident. She was standing in a rocker with a nail file in her mouth and in a fall the file cut an artery and she died. Both families knew the story. I am hoping someone in Australia will have some knowledge of McDonald D. Crowley and his family.

Mary Beth Broderick, Oregon, USA: (
I’m one of the Oregon Crowleys who visited the castle with my two first cousins and our husbands in April. Meeting Liam and learning about the Clan and seeing the castle was a thrill. We knew we had roots in West County Cork and had been to Ireland twice before, but our connection was generic. Now it is specific. The earliest record we have is that of James Crowley  1790-1875) who was married to Margaret Ryan (1784-1862). They were born in Ireland and are buried in Borth, WI.

Mary Mizzi, Australia: (
I am looking for information on Catherine Crowley who married Timothy Fitzgerald in 1815. He was born in 1784 and his father was Redmond Fitzgerald. I first found him in Swansea, Wales in 1841 as a tinman by trade and was widowed with one daughter Maryann age 5 (born 1836 in Ireland). He was also mentioned in the 1851 census with her. She married in 1857 to Thomas Hooley. Timothy is mentioned in the 1861 census. By the 1871 census he had remarried, had 3 children and had adopted the new wife’s first child. I have his second marriage in 1866 and his death certificate in 1872 all in Swansea, Wales.

Pat Trimble, Pennsylvania, USA: (
Robert Crowley of Warren, PA hosted a family reunion for about 150 descendents of brothers, John and William Crowley,  who emigrated from Bandon, Kilbritain Parish, County Cork around 1840 to settle in Sartwell, PA. The gathering in Eldred, PA featured a 32 foot long chart of the family tree containing hundreds of names of family members, displays of family photos and a trip to St. Mary's Cemetery, Sartwell, where the original Crowley brothers are buried as well as many of their descendents. Among the participants in the reunion were David H. Crowley and Patricia Crowley Trimble who also attended the Crowley Clan Reunion in Bantry in 2004. Anyone interested in more information about this branch may contact:

Pat Trimble
2302 Fourth Ave.
Altoona, PA 16602.

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