Crowleys Attend Clans of Ireland Meeting

On Saturday April 18th, Liam Crowley and Marian Crowley Chamberlain traveled to Dublin and attended the Annual General Meeting and Open Day of the Clans of Ireland Ltd. Although the Crowley Clan has been registered with the Clans of Ireland for several years, this was the first time that we actively participated in the annual meeting.

The Clans of Ireland was incorporated in 1990 as a limited company, and it provides guidance in establishing and maintaining a successful clan society and coordinates the activities of Irish clans. There are about 250 registered clans. The active clans (including the Crowley Clan) are entitled to attend and to vote at the annual meeting.

Before the meeting began, clans were encouraged to set up displays around the edge of the meeting hall. The Crowley Clan display included the past issue of our newsletter and a banner with our coat of arms. Other clans had similar displays. There was time for fellowship and sharing of ideas about our clans.

Two speakers presented in the morning. Dr. David Howlett of Oxford University, who is the editor of The Dictionary of Medieval Latin From British Sources, spoke on the important contributions the Irish made in not only preserving the Latin language but also in perfecting its use in literature. He pointed out that the Irish were the first people to learn Latin as a foreign language.

Maurice O’Keeffe, author of The Premier County of Tipperary, Living Voices, spoke on his project to record oral history in Ireland. He has traveled around Ireland since 1990 and recorded the stories of older people from the counties of Kerry, Clare, Cork, Laois, Kilkenny, Mayo, Limerick, Galway, Kerry, Tipperary, and Offaly. He emphasized the importance of making these recordings while there is still time before the history fades away. His oral histories are on CDs, and they are available at

The new Clans of Ireland website was launched just before the lunch break. When it is fully operative, each member clan will be able to use it as a vehicle to spread information about their activities. You can view the site at

The business meeting and election of officers was held in the afternoon. This was followed by an open discussion about clan gatherings, clan activities, and DNA projects. Participants felt that the Clans of Ireland should do more to encourage and promote DNA testing by individual clans. Several clans told of their projects and their successes.

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain