Remembering “Jack” Croley

Bridget Crowley from New Zealand and Jack Croley at the Crowley Clan Gathering 2007; photo used with permissionOn June 19, 2008 the Crowley Clan lost a valued member and an enthusiastic supporter of all things Crowley/Croley. James Melton “Jack” Croley died in Sarasota, FL at the age of 81.

The photo here is of Bridget Crowley from New Zealand and Jack Croley, at the Crowley Clan Gathering in 2007.

The news of Jack’s passing was received with shock and sadness by Crowleys/Croleys worldwide. At the time of his death Jack was in the midst of planning a Crowley Clan Gathering in Florida scheduled for September 2008. With his usual energy and enthusiasm, Jack had an eventful weekend planned. Members from several countries were planning on attending. Unfortunately, the gathering had to be cancelled.

Many of us met Jack at the Crowley Clan Gathering in Clonakilty last September. He was a very friendly man who had great pride in his family and in his heritage. He will be missed.

Jack’s niece Latrelle Smith writes: “He was the guy with the trademark smile, and his greatest joy was getting the family together once a month to celebrate birthdays and to catch up on all the family news.

“I’ll always remember seeing him in one of his notorious jumpsuits stepping out of his little red truck with a cheerful ‘hello’. He enjoyed his life to the fullest and we/I miss him so much.

“He had so many interests including writing music, raising horses, and traveling. He was a proud Marine, and had served his country.”

Some comments from Crowleys around the world include:

“We spent some time with him in Ireland and enjoyed his spunk. We several times passed on the stories he told us about his driving from Dublin airport to Clonakilty by himself…at 80! We were so impressed. We remember how excited he was about bringing his audio recordings from the Crowley Clan activities back to his family in Florida.”
“Personally, I will miss Jack.”
“That is so sad. He was such a nice guy.  He looked so much like my late Dad. I send all the best to the family.”
“I am sorry to hear of Jack's death, and I was hoping to make it to the reunion.”

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