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Tom Crowley, Atlanta, GA: I have built a Yahoo Group for Clan Crowley. The URL is

The description of the group is: This is a list to provide information exchange for the Crowley Clan on preserving our rich history and to aid in Clan research, to provide genealogy assistance, and to prove a place for discussions of topics of interest for the Worldwide Clan of the Crowley’s.

Please note the group name is Clan Crowley (Crowley Clan was already taken).

Sarah Crowley and her father Tom Crowley; photo provided by Helen CheekHelen Cheek, Portland, WA: Sarah Crowley, pictured with her father, Tom Crowley was Queen of the Lilac Festival in Spokane, Washington, USA in May. Sarah is a freshman at Gonzaga University in Spokane and is studying pre-law.

A group of Crowley cousins visited County Cork a year ago and Liam Crowley took us out to the castle. We are generating interest in the 2010 clan gathering. Five years ago we organized a reunion of Crowleys descended from Daniel Edward Crowley of Rockford, Washington which drew 200 people from as far away as France and Hawaii. I have that data base and am sending a “save the date” notice so Crowleys can begin making plans for the gathering in Ireland in 2010.

Catherine Crowley Budd, Marathon, FL: My Dad passed away peacefully yesterday, September 3rd, in Burlington, Ontario. He was 82 years old. He had been in hospital since July 28th. He had a great deal of courage and made a valiant effort to make a recovery from his illness, but was unable to overcome the odds

We are asking that mourners consider a donation to the Crowley Castle fund in his honor. We are holding a memorial service in Dundas, Ontario on September 6. Herb and I will be travelling up there on Thursday.

Note: Our condolences to the family of John David Crowley. This issue of the newsletter is dedicated to his memory.

Liam Crowley, Bandon, Ireland: The Crowley Clan Council held a BBQ at Jerry Crowley’s pub at Crossmahon on Friday August 15th. Unfortunately it was a very wet night, but we made €1000. It was a very enjoyable night.

Michael-Patrick Crowley, Paris, France: I have decided to put the remaining copies of my book The Origins & History of the Crowleys on e-Bay. You will find it there after November 1, 2008.

Photo of the restored Crowley Castle ruinsSunny Crowley, Hawaii: Aloha All!   I went to the O'Crowley Castle, Ahakeera again this last trip. I had been asked to attend the Crowley Clan Council meeting where we choose two possible locations for the next reunion. I am glad I was able to help gather some information, and look forward to hearing the final choice. It will be either Macroom or Bantry.

This is a photo I took of the Crowley Castle. Our Clan Council has been amazing. Look what they have managed to do. There are several supporters who have made a no-interest loan for the work, and we need to repay them.

If you can, please send donations for the Castle Project. I made another contribution while I was there. I wish I could offer more! Please give. This is for us all!

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compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain