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Tom Crowley, Omaha, NB ( Although it’s been a number of years since I was able to attend a reunion, I appreciate your stories and articles about Crowleys far and near. We are talking of a trip to Ireland for ’09, but because my wife’s family is from County Donegal (the Doughertys) we won’t be able to spend as much time with the Crowleys in County Cork. My dad, Clem, is eager to go. Each time he goes he thinks it will be his last. He will probably outlive me!

Dennis Crowley, Teynham, Kent, UK, ( My great-grandfather Patrick Crowley was born in the Dunmanway area. He joined the British Army in Cork City in 1854, fought in the Crimean War, married an English lady, and retired to England. I can trace him via his army records, his paybook and the English censuses.

There are three possibilities in Dunmanway. One was baptised 28/5/1837, parents Timothy Crowley and Mary Mahony, sponsors John Crowley and Mary Kehely. The second was baptised 29/3/1837, parents James Crowley and Julia Hurley, sponsors Patrick and Honoria Crowley. The third was baptised 12/3/1838, parents John Crowley and Ellen Sullivan, sponsors John Mahony and Mary Hurley.

Patrick had at least one sibling, a sister Mary, according to his army paybook. He named her as next of kin. It is believed that she was named as his parents had emigrated and left Patrick and his siblings in the care of an uncle whose name is not known.

James Crowley, Southern California ( I am James Patrick Crowley born 31 Dec 1950 in Detroit to Joseph Patrick Crowley and wife Delores. My father was born 13 March 1920 in Kinkora, Ontario and he died 11 Nov 1974. His parents were Jerimiah Joseph Crowley and wife Mildred. Jerimiah was also born in Kinkora in 1890 and died Dec 1950. I don't know Jerimiah’s father's name (yet), but rumor has it that he was one of 3 brothers who immigrated to Ontario from County Cork in the 1850's.

I currently live with my wife Linda in Southern California and work as a mailman with USPS after retiring from the US Army. sent me an email ad that "" was available as a domain name. That was untrue, it turns out. But after trying various concoctions of names, I found and your clan site with more info on my family name than I've been able to glean in decades. I'm so very glad I stumbled upon it and the information about the castle.

I also came across a photo montage of the 2007 gathering: with some fine pics of the castle and family crest. This has us excited, and we've penciled in Sep 2010 for a trip to Ireland and the 2010 gathering.

I'm wondering what is the nearest town to the castle, or has anyone determined the geo location (latitude/longitude) of the site, so we with computers could (maybe) peek, using GoogleEarth?

Just wanted to let you know that another sub-branch of the family/clan has discovered the rest!

Catherine Budd, Marathon, FL ( Happy New Year! I have received a request from another Crowley to join our Family Tree DNA project, and I replied with the information. That will bring us up to 77 participants with 65 kits returned.

Please tell everyone that my email address has changed to the above. I am trying to notify all project participants. If any of the participants changed their email addresses, or if they have gotten email addresses for the first time, I’d appreciate it if they would let me know so I can update my files.

The Clans of Ireland ( Thank you for returning your completed renewal form and cheque to cover payment of Membership renewal fee for 2009. I also wish to thank those who responded to my requests re: updating details on

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Eibhlin Byrne, will officially open our Annual General Meeting on March 16th in Dublin.

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