From the Crowley Archives Part 7

Crowleys in Jamaica

  1. John Crowley: The Jamaica Almanac for 1796 lists one John Crowley as Captain in the Portland Regiment of the Militia of Jamaica. In the 1802 Jamaica Almanac he re-appears as Major J. Crowley in the same Portland Regiment of the Militia. According to this same Almanac he is also shown as one of the Deputies to the Receiver General in Jamaica as Deputy John Crowley, Esquire. In the 1805 Jamaica Almanac, under the List of Public Officers for the Town of Falmouth, formerly Martha Brae Point, the same John Crowley, Esquire, appears as one of the Deputies for the Secretary of the Island and also still in post as Deputy for the Receiver General. The 1805 Almanac has Lieutenant Colonel J. Crowley, serving in the Portland Regiment of the Militia, obviously quite an important person. However by the time of the 1808 Jamaica Almanac John Crowley (no Esquire this time) appears as Pound Keeper for Portland. I feel life has become rather harder for our Mr Crowley. In the same 1808 Almanac the Portland Regiment of Militia show a J.S.Crowley as an Ensign (possibly son or nephew).
  2. From The Jamaica Courant (from Saturday June 22nd to Saturday June 29th 1754) the following notice under Merchants and Traders: “Imported from Newcastle-upon-Tyne and to be sold by Jasper Hald, the following goods viz…NB. All the ware is warranted to be from Crowley’s Manufactory at Newcastle”.
  3. The Falmouth Post and Jamaica General Advertiser (Jan-Mar 1874) the following notice “Port of Falmouth – arrived March 21st – American Schooner M. Trundy. (Capt) Crowley from New York, via Kingston. Breadstuffs.

Crowley/Crowly in the Church of Ireland Kinsale Registers

1710 Dec 17
Crowly, Humphrey, son of Humphrey
1712 June 24
Crowly, Charles, son of Humphrey
1713 Jan 31
Crowly, John, son of Humphrey
1714 Jan 30
Crowly, Allen, son of Humphrey
1716 Oct 24
Crowly, Catherine, daughter of Humphrey
1718 Aug 15
Crowly Edward, son of Humphrey
1719 Nov 1
Crowly, Richard, son of Humphrey
1721 April 30
Crowly, Jane, daughter of Humphrey
1722 March 7
Crowly, Anthony, son of Humphrey
1725 Nov 7
Crowly, Mary, daughter of Humphrey


1727 April 22
Crowly, Mary, daughter of Humphrey
1732 April 8
Crowley (sic), Humphrey

Please note there are other Crowleys in these Registers but the above seemed to make a nice neat family.

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain