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Phyllis Pawloski, Marion, Michigan, USA

I am searching for information on my great-great grandfather Timothy Crowley who according to church records and his death certificate in Tallmadge, Kent, Michigan was born in Kilrush, Parish Desertserges in 1780 to Luke Crowley and Mary Collins.

Timothy married Ellen Hurley in Ireland, but I have no record of her coming to the US between 1840 and 1850 with him. I do have information on four of his children who immigrated to the USA. And the Church in Bandon gave me the names of some of his other children who were baptized there bringing to 11 children born to Timothy and Ellen. They were all born between 1814 and 1834. Places of birth were shown as Lissaphooka, Parish Ballymodan and Bandon, Parish Ballymodan.

Timothy’s son Jeremiah had an immigration date of 1843 in the census records. Story was they had to leave Ireland because Jeremiah went through the hedge after a rabbit, and he retaliated when he was struck by the gamekeeper.

Jeremiah worked off his indenture in Vermont before coming to Michigan where he again indentured himself for one year for 80 acres of land in Nov. 1843.

Sister Mary Cornelius; photo provided by Pauline Crowley-ZieltjesPauline Crowley-Zieltjes New Zealand, (
On the 19 July 2009 my Aunty Bernadette Crowley, Sister Mary Cornelius, who is a Sister of Our Lady of the Missions stationed at Waitara, New Zealand was honoured by Pope Benedict for a lifetime of service to the Catholic Church and its people. She received an engraved Papal Medal and a lapel button along with printed signed parchment from the Pope.

Sister Mary Cornelius has been an outstanding teacher of music, a caregiver to boarders at various schools, an attendant to sick Mission Sisters in community work, an organist at Mass and other liturgies and a representative of parish committees.

The surprise presentation was made at our 9am Mass, and Crowleys came from near and far to join in the celebration. Sisters of Our Lady of Missions gathered from all over NZ.

Sister is the daughter of the late Cornelius and Alice (Primmer) Crowley, Kaponga, New Zealand, granddaughter of Daniel and Hannah (Burke –Kilavarrig) Crowley and great granddaughter of Cornelius and Ellen Crowley, Kilmichael, Cork.

Joe Colford, Middletown, NJ (
I am looking for information about my great-great grandparents, Patrick Crowley and Bridget Crowley (same last name) who were married in Ballineen, Cork, Ireland in the mid 1850s. Their children were Denis (my great grandfather) born 1856/7, Aggie born before 1864, Brigid born December 25, 1864, Julia born August 25, 1866, Elizabeth born December 4, 1869, and possibly Anne/Anna.

Patrick died in Ireland. Bridget left after his death and came to the United States aboard the ship City of Montreal on April 11, 1881 with Brigid, Julia, Elizabeth, and another child whose name I cannot read on the ship’s manifest.

I suspect Denis left for the States a year earlier arriving in New York on the ship Abyssina on May 12, 1880. He married my great grandmother Katie Hayes in New York in 1883. I suspect Denis and Katie, townland Corran, Leap, knew each other in Ireland, because there was a Kate listed on the ship’s manifest just below Denis’ name.

They lived in Manhattan in New York City all their married lives. They had the following children: Patrick born 1884, died after nine days, Hannah, born October 14, 1887, died at two years of age, Joseph born September, 1886, James born November, 1888, Denis born May, 1894, Loretta (my grandmother) born May, 1892, Clara, born July, 1895, and Irene born December 1890 (?) but died of typhus in 1911.

Richard Creagh, Australia (
My wife Leanne’s grandmother was Madeleine Christina Crowley who married George Joseph Ball on 12 May 1900. Madeleine's father was John Crowley (Solicitor), and she grew up in Ireland (Dublin?). Would anyone have information about Madeleine's father's family? I located a John Crowley who was admitted as solicitor in 1885. He had a son Charles and two daughters, but I am not sure if this is the same John Crowley. Madeleine was 23 years old in 1900.

Madeleine’s son Godfrey Massey Ball was awarded the Air Force Cross for his World War II service as a fighter pilot in the Battle of the Coral Sea.

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