Meet Catherine Crowley Budd
Crowley Clan DNA Project Administrator

Catherine Crowley Budd; photo used with permissionUsing DNA in genealogy is a hot topic. How did the Crowley Clan DNA project get its start?
Tom Crowley was the inspiration for the project. He was aware of DNA being used to confirm ancestry, and he wrote an article for the newsletter in
2005. I called him to speak about it, and I became the coordinator, partly because of my medical background. Little did I know that some weeks later my house would be hit by hurricane Wilma, and I would end up living in a FEMA trailer for the next 18 months.

How long have you been the Crowley Clan DNA Project Administrator?
Since its inception. We had a choice of two different companies and after some research Tom and I chose Family Tree DNA.

What are the goals of the project?
We hope to link participants via the technology, especially those who know little of their family history.

Are we are meeting those goals?
We have had several matches, some have been probable links, and some were complete surprises.

What could we do to make the project more successful?
We need to get more people involved, especially those who live in Ireland.

You have a medical/scientific background. Tell us a little about your professional life.
I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and currently work in the Emergency Department of Lower Keys Medical Center in Key West. I have been a nurse since 1974. I returned to school in 1991 to complete my BSN and then went on to complete my MSN to become an Adult Nurse Practitioner. I was in private practice with an Internist for 7 years before I joined the Emergency Department Group. In 2006, I returned to school to obtain my Family Nurse Practitioner certificate since I see so many children in the Emergency Department.

Tell us about your family.
I am the eldest of four. I have two sisters Peggy and Mary. My youngest sibling is my brother John. Both my parents are deceased, most recently my Father, Dave, last fall. All my siblings still live in Canada. I have two nephews and a niece who are attending college. Both Mary and Peggy have been to Ireland twice. The last time we were all in Clonakilty for the 2007 gathering with our spouses. Herb and I have been married for 16 years; we have no children, but we have a Black Lab Ranger, and 4 cats.

You are a Canadian who lives in Florida. How did this happen?
I left Canada to work in Houston in 1979. I dislike the cold, and the opportunities for nursing were more varied in the USA. I went to Saudi Arabia in 1980 to work in a Saudi Military hospital for two years. When I returned I tried Canada again, but ended up back in Houston in late 1982. My parents spent many winters in the Keys and after my mother passed away my father continued to winter here. It was easy to visit from Houston, and in 1989 I came to Marathon as a travelling nurse, liked it so well that I moved here and have never looked back. I also met my husband Herb here.

Where are your Crowleys from in Ireland?
Family lore was scarce, but we always were told the family was rom Co Cork. After lots of research via the net, LDS and Griffiths Valuation I became suspicious that my family was from Stadbally Co. Waterford. In 2007 I met with some of the family, looked at records and did a DNA test and confirmed the relationship. My great grandfather immigrated in 1882 to Montreal, where he married and had four children. My grandfather, the youngest settled in Dundas, Ontario where I grew up.

You and your husband Herb are very loyal about attending Crowley Clan Gatherings. What special memories do you have of your times in Ireland?
We first attended in 2001. We love Ireland, and have attended 3 gatherings. The first gathering we had a grand time. I really enjoyed road bowling for the Canadian team even though I almost hit Herb on one of my turns. I always do the driving and Herb navigates. He calls me the mirror assassin! The Irish are very friendly and you feel that you are part of the family where ever you travel.

We know you aren’t biased, but which team do you think will win the road bowling championship in 2010?
Obviously Canada, even though I live in the USA I am still a Canadian citizen. My sister Peggy plans on attending and she is a very good bowler. Hopefully the Crowley girls from Peterborough will attend again, which will boost our chances.

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain