Another Crowley Castle

Ballinderry Castle; photo used with permissionFor the last 12 years Michael-Patrick Crowley has been renovating Ballinderry Castle near Tuam, Galway. Finally, he writes, the project is finished, and his castle is ready for him to show to the world, at least the world of Crowleys.

“I would like to extend an invitation to all Crowley Clan members to visit Ballinderry Castle if they are ever in the vicinity. The castle is not open to the public; however I feel that opening it to any clan member wishing to visit would be appropriate. The address is:

Athenry Road
County Galway

“Ballinderry is 20 kms from Connemara and 34 kms from the Burren. Anyone touring in the area could pay a visit, and I would be happy to welcome them with tea or whiskey, as visitors would see appropriate, and share its history.”

Thank you, Michael-Patrick, for your gracious offer! Ballinderry was built around 1450 by de Burgos, a Norman family. They came to Ireland in the 13th century and built a number of castles in the area. The name Ballinderry is derived from the Gaelic Baile an Doire or the place of the oaks.

Michael-Patrick’s email is:

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