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David Crowley, Canton, MA

My family background on the Crowley side goes back to my great grandfather Cornelius Crowley. Records show he was a native of Macroom, Co. Cork Ireland. He traveled to the United States in his teens sometime before 1870 and settled in Boston, worked as a servant for a prominent politician Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Aldrich had a farm in Canton Massachusetts approximately 15 miles south of Boston where Cornelius became "Carer of Cows" (occupation description listed on his Catholic Association of Forester's life insurance policy). The Crowley's have been in Canton ever since. I am not familiar with any specific family or heritage on Eire, yet. I continually strive to dig for more and more tidbits that lead me to the next leaf on my family tree.

If this gets printed in the newsletter, I'd invite any tips or guidance on how to obtain British Army records as I understand that my great grandfather spent some time in Africa before he emigrated to the US. His army records might reveal more information enabling me to find out more about my family tree. Any suggestions are welcome!

PS to Sharon Crowley: I must mention the Crowley Clan On-Line Store...great stuff! I ordered two types of note cards (the Crowley Castle and the Coat of Arms) as well a long sleeve shirt with the family crest. The shirt draws conversation whenever I wear it. Likewise, whenever I send one of the cards it results in a phone call or an email inquiry that results in a genealogy discussion. Many thanks for being creative. I'd encourage others to check out the on-line store!

Helen Tubby, Sydney, Australia

I’ve been told by family that my great-great-great grandmother Jane Crowley born about 1831 was directly related to Nicholas Joseph Crowley (1819-1857) distinguished portrait painter. Jane married Hugh Carraher who was a farmer and butcher, and who lived and died in the Liverpool area.

Does anyone know of his descendants and/or ancestors?

Cindy Ekonomou, Palm Beach, FL

I am trying to find the names of Jeffrey Crowley’s brothers and sisters and the dates when they came to America. Jeffrey Crowley was born in 1702 and christened 29 Mar 1702 in the Church of England at Kinwarton Parish, Warwickshire, England and shown as base son. He married Effie (Efra) Nearne about 1729 probably in Virginia. He died in 1761 in Halifax County, Virginia. His will was probated in February 1762.

Tennise Gallegos, Albuquerque, NM

I'm trying to fill in some blanks on my family tree. I wonder if anyone can help. My grandfather was Leo L. Crowley (approx. 1882-1921), born I think in Wisconsin. He was married to Merle Laura Balbach. His parents were Lafayette Crowley and (Maude Cook?). They had four children. His sister Emma died at the age of 18. His sister Donna married Leo J. Bronahan of Kansas City. His brother Frank lived in Norfolk, VA.

All these notes are from my grandmother. His mother, now Maude Wilson, died in the Los Angeles area in the 1950's. Leo was a soldier in World War I. I have a picture of him in his uniform. After he married my grandmother, they moved to Morenci, AZ where he worked as a miner. What I don't have are exact birth and death dates, exact place of birth and death, and the same for his parents. Just thought another "Crowley" might be related!

John H. Gorski, Chicago, ILL

I do quite a bit of genealogy work but could really use some help. My Great-Great Grandfather was John Francis Crowley (1834-1889). He emigrated from Ireland and settled in Crawford County, Wisconsin where he homesteaded. He was married to Margaret M. Sweeney (1845-1901?).

If you know of anyone who could use some genealogy help in the Chicago or SW Wisconsin area, please let me know.

Morrie Curtin, Brisbane, Australia

If any of your clan members can help me with details of my maternal great grandmother born in County Cork in approximately 1837, I would be most grateful.

Her name was Mary Ann Crowley and she immigrated to Australia and married Charles Mosch a miner from Switzerland. They lived in Georgetown, North Queensland during the gold rush years at the Palmer River. Thank you.

Mary Casteleyn, London, UK

A new web site has been launched by the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism offering FREE access to church records. So far Dublin and County Kerry are on, County Carlow is to follow and, wonder of wonders, Cork City and West Cork will be on by mid 2010. You can see it at

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