Buy a "Brick" and Help Save the Crowley Clan Castle

Many of you have made the journey to Ahakeera and have seen the ruins of the once proud Crowley Castle. Those partial walls that remain never fail to inspire their viewers with a tangible sense of the heritage which we all share as Crowleys. They leave us with the feeling that we are closer to the spirits of our ancestors.

Ahakeera is a special place. We have several members of the Crowley Council to thank for taking the initiative to commission the work to clean and stabilize the ruins so that future generations can also make this pilgrimage and experience this sense of history.

The work was finished over three years ago, but the loan for the work has yet to be repaid. Donations do come in periodically, but they seem to have slowed down.

Brick certificate; image provided by Terry CrowleyTerry Crowley, who is our Canadian Clan Representative, has an idea that will help repay the loan. Terry will be selling "bricks" from the Crowley Castle at our Clan Gathering in Kinsale. As Terry explains, "The bricks are imaginary, but the donor will receive a lovely certificate suitable for framing. Being an optimist, I've had 100 certificates printed." "Bricks" will be available for €5 apiece. Hopefully, generous individuals will want to buy multiple bricks. If certificates are left over, they will go on sale through the newsletter after the gathering. Thank you, Terry!!

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