Like Mother / Like Daughter
Carol and Sharon Crowley

Carol Crowley of Franklin, New Jersey attended the 2007 Crowley Clan Gathering in Conakility along with her husband Paul, who is the Mayor of Franklin, and her daughter Sharon. Like most Crowleys, Carol was impressed and inspired when she joined the pilgrimage to the ruins of O'Crowley's Castle in Ahakeera. She was also impressed when she heard that some members of the Crowley Clan Council had loaned the money for the restoration work done on the castle.

Raffle Quilt; photo used with permissionWhen Carol returned home to New Jersey, she began thinking about ways to help repay the loans. In addition to being a librarian in Franklin, Carol is an experienced quilter. So she decided to create a quilt for raffle at the 2010 Crowley Gathering. The proceeds from the raffle would go to help repay the Crowley Castle loans.

Carol chose a pattern called Trip Around the World. "The pattern for this quilt was chosen to represent all the Irish who left their homes in Ireland and settled in nearly every country of the world," Carol explained. "It is a lap size, 55" x 70", 100% cotton and washable. It was pieced by hand and machine quilted. The fabric was called Irish Mist Medley with the following description 'to feel the coolness and the peace of an Irish morn' ".

Raffle tickets will sell at the Crowley Gathering for €5 for one, €10 for 3. If you won't be able to attend the gathering but would like to enter the raffle, you can send $6 US to Marian Crowley Chamberlain, 3071 Marsh Gate Drive, Seabrook Island, SC 29455. If it is a check, make it out to Marian and put Crowley Quilt in the memo field. Your name will be entered in the raffle, and if you are the winner, the quilt will be mailed to you.

Meanwhile, Carol's daughter Sharon Crowley is our coordinator for the Crowley Clan Online Store. Sharon came up with the idea for the store about the same time that her mother suggested the quilt. It has been in operation for about a year and a half. Sharon stocks the store with a variety of clothing, stationery, bags and gift items. She has recently made some changes to the store and has switched hosting sites.

The new site is* . "I like the Zazzle sites because they are a little cheaper, so there will be more revenue for the Castle Restoration fund," explains Sharon. Check out the new Crowley Store which includes Crowley Castle Postage Stamps (USPO), Crowley In-Law buttons, and a new bag with "Trí na chéile a thógtar na cáisléain" on it. The translation is "In our togetherness, castles are built".

Thanks to Paul Crowley for sharing his talented ladies with us!

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain