Bricks Popular at Gathering

At the 2010 Clan Gathering in Kinsale my sister, Barbara, and I gave out "Certificates of Appreciation" to those who purchased a BRICK for the Crowley Castle Restoration Fund. The bricks were sold for €5 each and 100% of the proceeds went to the fund. Ninety-six certificates were issued and 236 bricks were sold totaling €1,180 which I turned over to the Clan Treasurer, Flor Crowley, at the banquet. With the encouragement and support of the Crowley Clan Council, this project became a huge success. I must also make special mention of my daughter, Patricia, who not only helped me with the design of the certificates, but she had them made and donated them to the Clan for free.

If anyone would like to "buy a Brick" and receive a "Certificate of Appreciation", I can be contacted online at  or write to me at:

Terry Crowley
86 Anglesea St.
Goderich, ON
Canada N7A 1V3

Postage for mailing the certificates are in Canada, $1.38, in USA $2.26, and in other countries $4.52. The cost of a brick is €5.

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