From Marian's Desk

As always, it was nice to visit with so many of you at the Crowley Clan Gathering in Kinsale. And, it was nice to meet so many new people. I went to my first gathering in Dunmanway in 1995. It was a small group, but I knew then that I wanted to keep in touch with all of the friends I made there. That was the reason for starting this newsletter. And, it is still the purpose of this newsletter…to provide an opportunity for Crowleys all over the world to stay connected with one another.

Many of the people I met in 1995 make it to most of the gatherings. We always manage to pick up our friendships and our conversations where they left off three years earlier. Not everyone can come to every gathering. Those of you who weren’t there this time, please know that you were missed. Whatever the reason for your absence, we hope that you will be there next time. And, we know that you were there in spirit.

Our next Crowley Clan Gathering will be in 2013. Until then, stay in touch with us at the newsletter and stay in touch with each other. Share your memories and your photos. Don’t forget the fellowship, the singing, the dancing, the touring, the road bowling, the inspiring march of the Crowley Clan down that country lane to O’Crowley’s Castle.

I hope you enjoy this fall Crowley Clan Newsletter. If you have any comments, or if there is anything you would like included in future newsletters, please let me know. I enjoy hearing from all of you.

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain