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Meg Lynch, Portland, Oregon

Dear Crowley Clan Members:

I am sorry to inform you that Barrett MacDougall died of natural causes on April 24, 2010 in Portland, Oregon. He is sorely missed.

Barrett attended several of the Crowley gatherings, and I had accompanied him on two of them. We were making plans to attend the 2010 gathering in Kinsale. At the last one we attended in Bantry, we stayed at Atlantic Shore B&B with other guests there for the gathering. Barrett was thrilled to learn that the other guests were shirttail Crowley relations from Ontario.

Editor's Note: Our condolences go out from the Crowley Clan to Barrett's friends and relatives.

Bill Crowley, Braddock, NJ

I am very interested in my family history. My family is from southern New Jersey. They used to own glass factories, and also had a town (Crowleytown) named after them in the South Jersey woods.

I believe Samuel Crowley is an ancestor of mine. My father was Bill Crowley Sr., his father was Birdsall "Bert" Crowley, his father was James Morrell Crowley, and his father was Charles Crowley.

If you have any information about the Washington Township, New Jersey Crowley family, I would love to learn more.

Irene McCarthy, Loudonville, NY
I am looking for information about my 4th great grandfather Timothy Crowley who was born in 1820 in Bandon and died about 1881 in England. He married Mary Shea who was born in 1822 in Ireland and died about 1861 in England. Their daughter Catherine was born in Ireland, and then the family moved to England where children Michael, Charles (my 3rd great grandfather born in 1844), James, Mary, Timothy and Ellen were born.

Charles married Rachel Connor who was born in England in 1845. They had Mary (my great grandmother born in 1865), Charles, Elizabeth, Ellen, James, Kate and Mary. Charles and Rachel and their family immigrated to the USA in 1871 and settled in the Bronx, New City where Charles died in 1916 and Rachel in 1924.

My great grandmother Mary was married in the USA to John McCarthy in 1886. Mary Crowley McCarthy died in 1923 in the Bronx. John McCarthy died in 1958 in Chicago, Illinois.

I am most interested in finding information about my 4th great grandfather Timothy Crowley from Bandon, and about his parents, siblings.

Lissa Smith, Sydney, Australia
I am researching my family history and could use some assistance. Daniel Crowley was born in 1829 in Ireland. In 1851 he married Honorah Foley who was born in 1827 also in Ireland. In the US census of 1860 they are in Cambridge, Washington, New York (also known as Troy, New York) living with Hiram and Jane Hillman. Daniel was a farmer. Their children were all born in the US and were: John 1852-1876, Michael 1853-, Daniel 1855-1901, Richard 1857-1891, James 1859-1885, Catherine 1861-, Patrick 1863-, Lewis 1866-1927 (my great-grandfather born in Troy New York), Thomas 1866-1887 (Lewis's twin), David 1869-1936, and William 1869-1882.

In 1870 the family was in Congress, Morrow, Ohio. Lewis Crowley married Johanna "Kate" Shea and lived in Galion, Ohio. Michael and Mary Crowley appear on the 1870 Ohio census, 73 and 70 years old respectively. They may be Daniel's parents.

I am interested in learning my family's history in Ireland. Who were Daniel Crowley's parents and siblings? Where did they live? Where was Daniel born? When and how did Daniel migrate?

Jan Lanning, Winter Harbor, Maine

Today I stumbled across the Crowley Clan website and read an article about Jeremiah Crowley of Maine. I am a 7th generation descendant of Jeremiah. I have information on my grandfather, great grandfather, 2nd great grandfather Jason, but beyond that I only have the names. Jason's father was James and James' father was Jeremiah. One of them emigrated from Ireland. My great grandfather was very proud of his Irish heritage.

I would appreciate any help. My father Charles Crowley was the last of his grandfather's line. Dad died in 1994. His father Charles Irving was drowned before Dad was born. His grandfather Irving died in 1947 when I was 7 years old. About 20 years ago my late husband and I tried to find my great grandfather's house in Addison, Maine. I use to go there when I was a little girl.

In my searching I have found that the five grandfathers I was able to get any information on were all "Master Seaman". I know my great grandfather Irving was a sea captain and made many trips to India, China, Europe and South America.

Helen Tubby, Sydney, Australia

I've been told by family that my great-great grandmother Jane Crowley born about 1831 was directly related to Nicholas Joseph Crowley (1819-1857) distinguished portrait painter. Jane married Hugh Carraher, a farmer and butcher, who lived and died in the Liverpool area. Does anyone know of his descendants or ancestors?

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