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Margaret Brannan, Redditch, Worcestershire,UK

I would like to thank everyone involved in making the Crowley Gathering in Kinsale such a success, especially the ones in the background making it all happen. It was my first time at a Crowley Gathering, please God it won't be my last. For those of you who have not been to a Crowley Gathering, come home to the next one. You will have a great time and a wonderful failte.

For me, the Mass at the Crowley Castle was very spiritual. The piper piping us down to the alter for Mass was very moving. Father O'Brien said a lovely Mass, and I was glad that I was there with my missal.

Editor's note: Father O'Brien who said Mass at the Crowley Castle at the Gathering in Kinsale, forgot his missal. Fortunately, Margaret had hers and lent it to him. Good work, Margaret!

Dick and Helen Cheek, Portland, Oregon, USA

If any members of the Crowley Clan from Ireland are coming to Oregon, they are welcome to stay with Richard and Helen Crowley Cheek in Portland. Our mailing address is

5114 N.E. Wistaria Drive
Portland, Oregon, 97213

We attended the 2010 Crowley Clan Gathering in Kinsale along with our son John, granddaughter April, Helen's cousin Mary Beth Crowley Broderick, and her husband Jay Broderick also from Portland. We would love to receive any visitors.

Tom Crowley, Pontypool, Gwent, Wales

Winter is now getting much colder, -8 Celsius last night. Further north it was -18 Celsius, although here we have only had one inch of snow, but more is in the forecast. So, up will go my heating bill which is expensive here.

My daughter Anne who lives and teaches in Brunei Borneo is coming home for Christmas, so we will have a good family get-together which will be great.

Carol Doran Barlow, Rocklin, CA

I'm including a couple of "strays", records that I picked up this past year in researching 20,000 pages of Irish History for my O'Doran family of Leinster, County Wexford. They are from Hores' History of Ireland. These records indicate that Gerald De Courcy, Lord Kingsale, had Mary daughter of Cornelius Crowley for his second wife, and that she was the mother of his sons.

I'm currently writing the O'Doran's history in Ireland.

Editor's note: Carol wrote her Crowley family history in 1999.

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain