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Maureen Crowley, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

We had a wonderful time in Ireland in May. We started off in Northern Ireland, and I was surprised to find out that there is still a lot of political tension. It was very interesting. I loved the Giants Causeway!

We did the south and stayed at Dromcloc House B & B with John and Dympha Crowley in Bantry. We had nice visit. We found that although public transportation is good, it does limit you to where and when you can travel. My good friend and I didn't do too badly for two old ladies backpacking for two weeks.

I am planning on going to the Crowley Clan Gathering in 2013 when I retire. Now I'm saving up for it.

I would be happy to provide any helpful information, for those wishing to try public transportation. It is great, where the train can't get to the bus will, and it's good if driving on the Irish roads is extremely stressful for drivers like me.

Catherine Crowley Budd, Marathon, Florida, USA

Our DNA project now has 98 members. Unfortunately, none of the kits that I passed out while in Ireland at the gathering have been returned. If you know of someone who has a kit, or if you lost your kit, please email me and I will have another sent out. I receive several inquiries a month about the project. Not everyone is able to participate, but there is keen interest in the project. If you know of anyone who might be interested in participation, please have them contact me.

Robert Rohu, Ireland:

It was great to work with Liam and friends on the Crowley Castle. I would like to keep the friendship going with you, so maybe we can keep in touch by email. To say that I enjoyed the chance to meet you all is an understatement. I am available if anyone wants to chat re maintaining the good work that has been done at the castle. Once again I am proud to have worked on your heritage site and look forward to meeting you all again should the chance present itself.

Stephany Anne and Micheal Alfred Crowley on the Ring of BearaStephany Anne Crowley, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Stephany and her dad, Michael Alfred Crowley, have returned to Montreal after their adventure in Ireland. She sends this photo of them on the Ring of Beara.

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