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Artist's rendering of Crowley CastleYou can now follow the Crowley Clan on Facebook and connect with Crowleys from all over the world. The social networking giant is global and boasts 800,000,000 active users throughout the world. It provides the Crowley Clan with an excellent vehicle for reaching more Crowleys, and gaining an understanding of our place in the world today. Plus, it is fun hearing from the members of our far-flung clan.

Since joining Facebook, we have reached people in over 20 countries including Indonesia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, India, Anguilla, Chile, Greece and Honduras! The three countries with the highest number of people reached are, not surprisingly, United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. We have people using the page in eight languages. And, to date, we have 76 people who have clicked on the "Like" button.

Next time you are on the web, stop by and check out the page. Write on our wall, and tell us about yourself, about your ancestors, or ask a question about our clan. A few weeks ago we had a user ask how to pronounce O'Crudhlaoich which is the Crowley name in Irish. Fortunately, we had two Irish speakers join the discussion and help us all to sound out the ancient version of our name.

To view our page, you can use the link below. The Facebook page is administered by Stephany Crowley and Marian Crowley Chamberlain.

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compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain