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Christopher O'Connor, Crystal Lake, IL, USA:

My name is Christopher O'Connor. I have a CROWLEY relative, specifically my great grandfather (William CROWLEY) on my maternal side. I cannot locate any information pertaining to William's parents.

William's records indicate that he was born 10 April 1870 in St. John, New Brunswick. He died 28 June 1920 in Boston, Massachusetts and is buried in New Calvary Cemetery.

William married Margaret Burke in Boston on 16 April 1899 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Her parents were Henry Burke and Margaret Ruane. He was naturalized on 12 October 1903 in the United States Circuit Court in Boston, Massachusetts. William was Roman Catholic and a teamster. I find him in Boston in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 Federal Census.

I am looking for information pertaining to William's parents. Can anyone assist me in attempting to locate this information?

Lee Lott:

Hi, my wife's great-great-great grandmother Catherine Crowley was born in County Cork, Ireland in approximately  810-30. She moved to Wisconsin.

Catherine's father was Dennis Crowley also from County Cork. Would anyone happen to know anything regarding these individuals? Thanks!

Editor's note:
Despite the fact that neither of these individuals are males with the Crowley surname, they still might benefit from participation in the Crowley DNA project. If they can find a male relative with the Crowley name such as a cousin or uncle, that person could submit a sample for comparison.

The test is easy and painless. And family members might go together to pay the fee to Family Tree DNA. Go to for full information, or contact our project coordinator Catherine Crowley Budd at

Phillip Crowley, Myrtle Beach, SC:

I am interested in subscribing to your Crowley Newsletter and also joining the Crowley DNA project. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC. Is there an online process for signing up for your news letter and DNA project, or would you have a phone number I can call? Thank you for your time and attention to this matter!

At present we do not have an online process for subscribing to the newsletter or joining the DNA project. Past issues of the newsletter are available at or by sending $8 to

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