Sue Crowley Retires as Jeffrey Crowley Committee Chair
Welcome Sheryl Stanfill Our New Chair

Sue CrowleySince 2008 Sue Crowley, (, has chaired our Jeffrey Crowley Committee. She has helped many descendants of Jeffrey, who was born in Warwickshire, England in 1702 and died in Halifax, Virginia in 1761, with their family research. Many of you will remember Sue from the Crowley Clan Gatherings that she and her family have attended in County Cork.

Now Sue is taking a much deserved rest from this post, and she is handing it on to the capable hands of Sheryl Stanfill,

"I have been very impressed with Sheryl," writes Sue. "I feel confident she will do a good job." We hate to see Sue retire. She has researched her husband's family for over 50 years. You can read an article she did for the newsletter in 2005 at Click on newsletter, March 2005, Crowley Progenitors.

Sheryl reports: "I am a descendant from Jeffry, Benjamin, James, Allen, Josiah Allen, John William (Ivy) and J.W. Crowley. I am J. W.'s oldest child and have one sister and one brother.

I am 63 and will be 64 in November, and am married to my second husband for 37 years. I have one daughter age 43 from my 1st marriage."

Sheryl has been researching her family's history for about six years. She currently is trying to concentrate on her past two generations and her immediate Crowley cousins since her father and all of his sibling have passed.

"Unfortunately, I am not having a lot of success with some. Since I actually have a pretty good record of the family, I am really looking into family stories. I have included many of my own recollections and memories from several eulogies.

"I would not have the family tree I have today without the help of Sue Crowley and her sister-in-law Yvonne Davenport. Sometimes I think I have more information on their branch of the family than my own. The past year I have not really been working on my tree, but have tried to answer other inquires in the Crowley family"

You can reach Sheryl by email or at

33600 Calimesa Blvd. Sp. #25
Yucaipa, California 92399

Check out page seven for an interesting article about Jeffrey Crowley's descendent Samuel Crowley (Croley).

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