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Ann Plant, Warren, Ohio, USA

I have been more and more upset with people who use and copy anything they find as fact. They hear, "go to and if your ancestor has a leaf you will find out everything you ever wanted to know about him." FALSE: You still have to do the homework!

You have to look at the sources given, if there are any, and prove the information. Ninety percent of the people do not do this and just copy what someone else posted. Example: My ancestor Baltis Algyre m. Susan Noble. One person added his genealogy to saying that his ancestor was Noble Baltis Algyre, a definite error, and nine people posted their line with the same mistake!! They just copied what they saw without question

Your research is so important to your descendents, why would you put down something that you just copied from someone else without checking it out? Use the information found as a possibility and check it out!! Use census, death records, cemetery records, county histories, city directories, and family stories as your sources. Never believe everything you read as true or accurate.

Your descendents will believe what you wrote, make sure it's right. You are making yourself the family historian. Don't make your ancestors angry by copying someone else's work!!

Pauline Crowley Zweiltjes, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Sister Mary Cornelius Crowley My aunt, Sister Mary Cornelius Crowley (Bernadette) died unexpectedly on 2 July 2012 at her home, Waitara, Taranaki, New Zealand. She was a daughter of Alice Primer and Cornelius Crowley, Kaponga, Taranaki, New Zealand one of a family of 12 whose grandparents, Daniel Crowley, Gurrenreigh, Kilmichael, County Cork and Hannah Burke, Kilarvarrig, Timoleague, County Cork emigrated to New Zealand in the 1880s. She is survived by her sisters Ellie, Kate, Therese and brother Jim Crowley.

A Requiem Mass was held at St. Joseph's Church, Waitara on Friday 6 July 2012 and she was buried in her family cemetery. Sister Cornelius was a driving force in the 2000 Crowley Clan celebrations in New Zealand.

Fran Yates Kaliszewski, Minnesota, USA

I am the granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Crowley, and I am excited about the work many of you have done in Crowley Genealogy. This spurs me on to finding the history of my father's mother's family. I will continue in the Fall/Winter at the Minnesota Genealogical Association. Perhaps I will travel to Ireland again for the September 2013 gathering of the clan. Thank you for all the work that has been done for the Clan.

Thomas Crowley, Ohio/Arizona, USA

Sue Foerster-Arnold (great granddaughter of Denis Crowley who came to America from Beara, County Cork) of Brecksville, Ohio decided to join people who exercise, but she did it by five months of training for a triathlon!!

Already an avid runner, Sue had to learn how to swim! She trained with coach Troy Jacobsen who developed the Iron Girl Advanced Training Schedule. She spent 12 weeks of training in three disciplines: swimming, biking, and running and practiced two disciplines daily, and all three on Saturdays.

Sue said "Training like this takes a patient spouse, sometimes not eating until eight or nine at night because of training, planning your work and social schedules around the training requirements." She consumed 4,000 calories a day, consuming carbohydrates, eating fish, vegetables, smoothies, and yogurt. She was constantly hungry!

The Iron Girl Atlanta, GA at Lake Lanier consisted of a one third mile swim, a 19 mile bike course, and a three mile run. The 1,200 competitors arose at 4:30 a.m. Women over 50 swam first, so Sue was in the choppy water at 7 a.m. This was followed by a bike ride through the hilly course, followed by the 3 mile run. Sue completed the three events in just over two hours, a very respectable time.

David Timothy Michael Crowley, Canton, MA

I am SO looking forward to the gathering. I had planned to attend the last one but my mother became sick, and we decided it wasn't the right time to take a trip. My wife and I plan to travel with two other couples both close friends.

It is great to see the hotel in Kinsale has been announced. My wife and I have been to Ireland three times, initially for our honeymoon in 1989, in 2008 and in 2009. My GGF was Cornelius Crowley, he was born in 1840 Mont Massey/Massytown Macroom. He survived the famine, served the British Army in 1858 and was awarded a medal for the Battle of Lucknow (India Uprising). He immigrated to Boston in 1870 where he got a job as a servant for a prominent family in Boston's Beacon Hill. He moved to Canton and became "carer of cows" at a large estate.

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