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Loretta White, 1601 S. San Luis, Green Valley, AZ 85614: :
I am very interested in my Crowley ancestry. I just last year found out who my great great great grandparents were, Jeremiah Crowley, born 1770 and died 1797, and Catherine Leary.

Great great grandparents were Daniel Crowley, born 1825 in Bandon and died 1880 in Bantry, and Catherine Connelly, born 1829 and died 1900.

Their children were: Timothy, Ellen, Daniel (born 2 Jul 1851 in County Cork, died 30 Aug 1905 in Cincinnati, OH, married 23 May 1880 to Ellen Flaherty, born 17 Mar 1854, parents Michael Flaherty and Margaret Cummings, died 1 Dec 1910 in Cincinnati), Jeremiah, Catherine, Nora, and Mary.

Ellen Crowley's daughter was Delia Crowley Montgomery, born 25 Jun 1889 in Cincinnati and died 25 Oct, 1954.

Any Crowleys who are related to my family of Crowleys, I'd love to hear from them.

Maureen Crowley, Petersborough, Ontario

I am waiting for spring to happen here, very cold spring. I just got back from a few days in West Palm Beach Florida. Nice break from the cold.

The Crowley float in the St. Patrick's Parade in Peterborough won best family float. There were about 85 entries. I am enjoying retirement. Still feel like I am on extended vacation from work.

Wow, next year our 1,000 anniversary of our name. I am thinking about holding a Peterborough Clan Gathering here next year. I need to come up with a venue, don't know how many would attend, most of the Crowleys are still around here. Have to do the logistics of it all. What do you think?

I am looking forward to the Crowley Clan gathering in Kinsale.

In 1825, nearly two thousand Irish people from Cork City arrived in Scott's Plains, Ontario. The city was later renamed Petersborough after Peter Robinson who managed the settlement of the Irish. Many families are still there. Others continued their migration to other parts of Canada and the United States.

Maureen is very involved with the Crowleys in Petersborough. If you have roots there or if you have an interest in Irish immigration to the new world, contact Maureen or contact the Crowley Clan Newsletter.

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