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Jerry Lenz, St. Cloud, MN, USA

I just read your one page article about Humphrey Crowley in the Spring 2010 Crowley Clan Newsletter. It is a very nice article. Thank you.

The probable date of death, 1795, reminds me that a Humphrey Crowley was killed in the Battle of Oulart Hill in 1798. So close, but unfortunately, not close enough. I am a very inexperienced and amateur genealogist with a gggrandfather named Humphrey Crowley. We think he is from County Cork, but cannot confirm that.

He was born in Ireland in about 1830, came to the US in about 1857 and in 1859 or 1860 my great grandmother was born to H. and Mary Crowley in Winona or Caledonia, MN. H. served in the US Civil War and lived in a Minneapolis Soldier's Home in the 1890's. He died in about 1905.

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