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In our summer issue we have some interesting and informative articles which were contributed by Crowleys from France, Canada, and the USA. We have information about the Crowley Gathering in 2016 in Kinsale, Ireland and the Crowley Gathering in 2014 in Peterborough, Ontario. We have what I think is a very interesting article asking the question: who are the true Crowleys. We have news of honors, births, and events around the world.

We all wish we could have been in Dublin on April 19th to participate in the Battle of Clontarf Festival. Those of us who couldn’t be there in person can rest assured that the Crowley Clan was well represented by our Taoiseach, our Tanaiste, and our Oifigeach Cadraimh Poibli (that is our chieftain, our deputy chieftain and our public relations officer). Michael-Patrick, Dr. Pat, and Liam were joined by Larry and Charlie. You can see their photo and an account of the ceremony on page 1. Also you will find links to more photos and information on the internet on page 4. Thanks, Crowleys!! You did us proud.

I continue to be amazed by the following we have picked up on Facebook. I’m a newbie to social media, but it is SO much fun. I can post something and in 5 minutes, 20 people around the world have seen it, and one or two will comment on it. By the end of the day there can be hundreds of people reached. One post, about the Peterborough Crowleys in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade reached an unbelievable 2,464 people! There were 119 likes, 30 shares, and nine comments. That is our record, but I’d love to top it.

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We also welcome family news of weddings, births, graduations, honors, travels, family get-togethers, and memorials. Photos are most welcome; however, we do need the permission of all the people in the photo.

Enjoy your summer, and hope to hear from you.

Mise le meas,

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