Crowley World News

Thomas R. Crowley, Akron, Ohio:
Dr. James L. Crowley, professor at Universite de Grenoble, France was recently awarded the National Order of Merit, the second highest honor the President of the French Republic awards. This singular award is for Jim's pioneering work in the area of Robotics, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence, as well as creation of an international masters program in computer science, and contributions to the local economy.

Jim was raised in San Antonio, TX and received his BSc degree from Southern Methodist in Dallas followed by an MSc and Doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. In 1985, Jim took a leave of absence from the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute to work as a visiting Professor at Grenoble Polytechnic Institute in France. He was appointed as full professor at Grenoble Polytechnic Institute in 1988. He is married to Joelle Coutaz who is a professor at the University of Grenoble.

This honor is very exclusive, particularly for a non-French citizen. Jim is a cousin of Tom Crowley (former Taoiseach) and now should be addressed as Professor James Crowley, Chevalier de l'ONM. Congratulations Jim!

Patty O’Brien, Yukon,Canada:
Met some members of the Crowley Clan at the Brian Boru 2014 Commemoration Banquet at Clontarf Castle and feel very honoured to know them and to have sung with them, shared stories and good times. Would go into battle with them in a heartbeat!

Michael-Patrick Crowley, Paris, France:
Here is the link to the YouTube video of the celebration of the Battle of Clontarf at Christ Church.

And here is a link to the O’Brien facebook photo album!/photo.php?fbid=10154074466220374&set=pb.741025373.-2207520000.1400676524.&type=3&theater.

James Crowley, Bandon, Ireland:
Congratulations to James, who is our Crowley Clan Cisteoir, and his wife Kate who are the proud first-time parents of a baby girl named Charotte.

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