Will the Real Crowley Please Step Up!

Hello, there! I am a Crowley from the States. My name is Barbara Crowley Burdick, and I was born in 1967 in North Hornell, NY. I am the daughter of Donald Harry Crowley, born on May 5, 1938 in Hornell, NY and passed away on February 14, 2012 in Rochester, NY. He, in turn, was the son of Harry William Crowley born around the turn of the 20th century in Deposit, NY. My Great-grandfather was born the son of Irish immigrants from County Cork. My great-great grandparents departed County Cork c. 1850.

My Uncle Richard Crowley's former fiancée did a wonderfully-detailed genealogy of all of our family lines, the Crowley line going back as far as my great-great grandparents of County Cork. It included such colorful details such as that my great-(great?) uncle passed away at the throttle of an Erie railroad locomotive. My Deposit ancestors and relatives were mainly railroad men, and that tradition continued down to my father.

During the night, I came across the Pinterest pages of a chap calling himself "HRH Prince Andrew O'Crowley." He claims to be of the rightful royal family of Ireland and Britain. I jokingly commented that I knew that I was supposed to be a princess (I'm about as royal as Mia before she became Princess of Genovia - lol!), but obviously this guy seems to be under the impression that the only REAL Crowleys are the O'Crowleys. The rest of us are usurpers. He claims to have the list of the only REAL O'Crowleys, and we who are not on his list are likely not of the Ireland Crowleys, or, at the very best, the descendants of servants who took on the Crowley name, much as slaves in America took on the names of their masters.

Which begs the question: Why are there so many of us from Cork, and why don't we know we aren't "real" Crowleys? His dates as to when the Crowleys took their surname also seem to be off. To my understanding, it was in 1014.

Since this guy also claims to have been shortchanged on the treasure of Queen Boudicca, something stolen by Russia (I haven't read all of his boards), and ancient Egyptian family treasures, and also tends to punctuate these claims profusely with exclamation points, I'm thinking he might be a little dotty.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has heard of him and his claims, and are we the illegitimate bastards he seems to be implying we are? I don't need to be a royal, but I'd like to think I'm still a Crowley!

Editor’s Note: I think you answered your own question, Barbara. You know quite a bit about your Crowleys, they are from Cork, and you are proud of them. You are therefore qualified to be a “true Crowley”. Ignore all who tell you otherwise.

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