Notes from the Editor

Are you ready to start planning a trip to Ireland? Now is the time to begin. The primary venue for the Crowley Clan Gathering in September 2016 is official. It is the beautiful, and relatively new, Maritime Hotel on the Bay in Bantry, Cork. Full information about reservations and the tentative schedule for the weekend is on page 1. It is never too early to make that reservation and begin planning.

If you have never been to Ireland, this is the perfect way to make your first trip. You will immediately find yourself in the middle of a very large, very extended family of Crowleys. If you have any interest or connection to the Crowleys, you are welcome to attend. You will find the gathering filled with information, fellowship, and adventure. Your ancestors made that giant step and immigrated. Now you will have the chance to see your ancient homeland.

Also in this issue, did you ever think you might have Spanish cousins? Seamus Crowley has mentioned Pedro Alonzo O’Crouley in his talks and writings. Now we have received word from Pedro’s descendent Antonio Castro from Barcelona who has contacted the Crowley newsletter and wants to share his family information with the clan. We knew we were a worldwide clan, but this is our first connection to Crowleys in Spain. Read Antionio’s letter on page 4.

You will find other news from Crowleys from around the world on page 3. There is news from Ontario, New Mexico, Arizona, and Florida. Your news is most welcome. Just mail or email it to the newsletter address in contacts.

On page 5 you will find a report from our DNA Coordinator, Catherine Crowley Budd. Cathy gives a little history and explanation of genetic genealogy. Several members of our clan have made that exciting connection between knowing they were Irish and finding actual cousins in Ireland. The test is simple and relatively inexpensive. You will have your results in a matter of weeks. Cathy reports we currently have 115 participants. Wouldn’t you (or your male Crowley relative) like to be 116?

The end of the year is drawing close. Just a reminder, you can always read the Crowley Clan Newsletter at, but if you would like a paper copy, you can send your name, address, and $10 US to my address which is on page 6.

We love hearing from you by post, email or on Facebook. We are looking forward to seeing you in Bantry.

Mise le meas,

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain