Poly cystic kidney disease


I hope you will help in a rather morbid request. Could I ask you to put this email up on the website and to circulate it to the membership.

I have Poly cystic kidney disease. It is in my case rather unpleasant at this stage. Last year my right kidney was removed and I am now on dialysis. The good side is that I now feel a lot better than previously.

It is a progressive, irreversible and incurable disease. It is congenital. It comes from one’s ancestors. Not everyone gets it.

I would like to find out from whom I got it, not that I can do anything about that now. No one in my family can point to anyone they know of who had it before me.

Could I ask if there is anyone out there who knows of any Crowleys who have, had or may have had this disease. There are at least three other Crowleys on dialysis in Cork University Hospital. As I do not know any of them I am slow to ask questions. The staff are very discreet and never discuss other patients.

Recently I started on a two year diploma course in Genealogy in University College Cork under my good friend Dr David Butler. It promises to be quite interesting. Two years ago I attended a short course on the subject in UCC. I was run by Tony McCarthy whom you know from Kinsale. I learnt a lot from Tony. I regret I could not make it to Kinsale last September as I was rather weak at the time.

I signed on to the Crowley DNA scheme a few years ago. I have not learnt much from it but that may be my problem.

My family are in Cork City since 1879. Before that they were in Rathorgan near Clonmult in East Cork. There is a headstone there in Templeboden for John Crowley dated 1789. As you most Crowleys come from West Cork. My dna suggested an relationship going way back with Brian Crowley, MEP, from Bandon.

Thanking you

Jack Crowley
Castle Road
email: jcrowley@crowleysdfk.ie