Special offer from Familytreedna.com for the Crowley DNA Group.

Expires November 22nd 2018

We recommend as a starting point the 37 marker test.  This level is specific enough and sensitive enough to define a relationship.  More refined testing can be added at any time for an additional fee, but there is usually no need to resubmit a test.  To enroll go the home page of Family Tree DNA  www.familytreedna.com  look for group projects in the upper left hand side of the home page, select “C”, then select Crowley Clan as the project. 

Once you have selected your test, (Y-37) completed your demographic information, and a payment method I am sent a join request which I approve.  If I have a question about the request I email the person privately to clarify. Catherine Budd.

2018 November Special DNA offer.jpg