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October, 2014 - Autumn Newsletter
The latest Crowley Newsletter has arrived with an announcement of preparations for the upcoming 2016 Clan Gathering, a report on the Crowley DNA Project, a letter from a Spanish cousin, and more. Enjoy!!

September, 2014 - Kingdom of Desmond Association
Taoiseach Michael Crowley writes us about the Kingdom of Desomnd Association, "This is a great website for historical reference and the O’Crowley Clan is referred to with the detailed branches (septs)." Read more . . .

June, 2014 - Summer Newsletter
Summer has arrived, amd, with it, the Summer 2014 Crowley Clan Newsletter. This issue has a report on the commemoration of the Battle of Clontarf, an announcement of the 2016 Gathering, news of birth and honors, an an interesting question, "Who are the Real Crowleys? We hope you enjoy it.

June, 2014
Congratulations to Brian Crowley on His Reelection as Member of European Parliament for Ireland South.

April, 2014 - Reunion Announcement
The "Crowley Royal Cousins" 57th annual reunion will be held Sunday, July 20, 2014. Details inside.

February, 2014 - Clan Coat of Arms
As Clan members, we often celebrate our community with the clan by displaying the O'Cruadhlaoich Coat of Arms. The Clan Council has issued an article titled "Recommendation on Coat of Arms Usage for the Crowley Clan" to give us an appreciation of this part of our heritage and their guidelines on how to use it with honour. You can read this article here. . .

January, 2014 - Winter/Spring Newsletter
We begin 2014 entering our twelfth year of providing the Crowley Clan Newsletter online. This edition is dedicated to Thomas John Crowley, our cousin from Wales, who passed away peacefully 13 January, 2014. He will be greatly missed by all of us who knew him. Included in this edition of the newsletter is a letter from our Taoiseach, news from other Crowleys around the world, and an investigation into the connection between Crowleys and Blackbeard the pirate.

November, 2013 - Ancestry Request
Jack Crowley from Blackrock, Cork, Ireland, has an unusual request for the clan. I'll let him tell you about it from his recent email. Read more...

November, 2013 - Facebook
Congratulations again to Marian Crowley Chamberlain and Stephany Crowley. Their CrowleyClan facebook page has registered 200 additional "likes" in the past 7 months, bringing the count up to 500.

October, 2013 - Fall Newsletter
The Fall newsletter contains extensive coverage of the 2013 Gathering, held in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland, on September 13 through 15, 2013.

June, 2013 - Summer Newsletter
The last newsletter before the 2013 Clan Gathering is now available. In it, you will find out how to access 17th century maps of Ireland, a genealogy request for information about David H. Crowley, a veteran of the American Civil War, and an interesting article about Crowley's Ridge in the state of Arkansas, USA.

March, 2013 - Spring Newsletter
The Crowley Clan Council has appointed a world-wide registrar for the upcoming gathering, and Michael-Patrick Crowley gives us the history, significance and official heraldic description of the Crowley arms. These and other articles are in the latest edition of the Crowley Clan Newsletter. You can read all about it here...

March, 2013 - Facebook
Congratulations to Marian Crowley Chamberlain and Stephany Crowley. The CrowleyClan facebook page has registered 300 "likes".

October, 2012 - Fall Newsletter
The air has turned cooler; the leaves have turned gold. Must be time for the Fall edition of the Crowley Clan Newsletter. This issue features an article from our own 2012 Rose of Tralee, a council report, and news from Crowleys around the world.

August, 2012 - 2013 Gathering Announcement
The Crowley Clan Committee has announced the primary venue for the 2013 Gathering. Details here.