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March, 2016 - Spring Newsletter
The latest issue of the Crowley newsletter has information on how to get around Ireland when you come to the Gathering (you ARE coming, aren't you?), an article on another Crowley centenarian, and letters from Crowleys in the U.S. and Melbourne, Australia.

Clan Gathering, 2016
The most up-to-date information we have on the upcoming Gathering can be found here.

New Year's Greeting
Taoiseach Michael-Patrick Crowley sends the clan his greetings for the new year. You can read his letter here.

October, 2015 - Fall Newsletter
The Fall issue of the Crowley newsletter has arrived. It contains news of the 2016 Gathering, an article on Clan Traditional Dress, and letters from Crowleys 'round the world, including one from Stephanie Farrell Grohs, in which she tells us about Rev. Denis Oliver Crowley and his ministry among poor orphans in early California.

July, 2015 - Summer Newsletter
The Summer issue of the Crowley Newsletter is full of interesting articles. Leo Crowley sends us news of his father "Lord Summerfield", who is 101 years young, and still going strong! There is also an article from our Taoiseach about the fourth official heraldic record of the Crowley Arms, and a story from Jocelyn Crowley Morris about an act of heroism by her great-aunt Mary Elizabeth, who was only 11-years old!

April, 2015 - Spring Newsletter
Now entering its 20th year, this issue of the Crowley Newsletter contains two articles from our Taoiseach - an announcement of a new honor for Clan members, and a short family history that Michael-Patrick has traced back 300 years.

October, 2014 - Autumn Newsletter
The latest Crowley Newsletter has arrived with an announcement of preparations for the upcoming 2016 Clan Gathering, a report on the Crowley DNA Project, a letter from a Spanish cousin, and more. Enjoy!!

September, 2014 - Kingdom of Desmond Association
Taoiseach Michael Crowley writes us about the Kingdom of Desmond Association, "This is a great website for historical reference and the O’Crowley Clan is referred to with the detailed branches (septs)." Read more . . .