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February, 2018 -
The Crowley Clan Council makes the following announcement:

The next Crowley Gathering will be held
September 13 - 15, 2019
at the Riverside Park Hotel
Macroom, County Cork, Republic of Ireland
Tel. (353) 26 20090

When booking rooms, be sure to mention that you are attending the Crowley Clan Gathering to get the discounted room rate.
The hotel is on Killarney Road, Macroom
Email:    Website:

November, 2016 - Autumn Newsletter
The latest edition of the Crowley Clan Newsletter is now available. Over the past couple of decades, Marian Crowley Chamberlain has donated vast amounts of her time to compiling this newsletter. And we are grateful and appreciative of her tireless dedication. This, her final edition, contains a recap of the Clan Gathering of 2016, a story about Michael Crowley, an American Civil War soldier who was awarded the Medal of Honor, the United States' highest military honor. And, of course, news of Crowleys from around the wowrld.
This edition of the Crowley Newsletter is also available as an Epub, for your tablet.

August, 2016 - O'Crowley Clan History
The second edition of Michael-Patrick O'Crowley's book on the history of the Crowley clan is now available for €70 per copy (see the link above for an image of the cover, and the table of contents). You can order your copy from Michael-Patrick at the 2016 Gathering, or email him at

August, 2016 - Letter from the Taoiseach
Taoiseach Michael-Patrick O'Crowley announces the creation and appointment of four Clan sept Chieftains. This action by the Clan Council will help to keep alive clan traditions and re-instate our historical structure. You may read Michael-Patrick's letter at the link above.

August, 2016
The latest issue of the Crowley Newsletter is now available as an "Epub" for your handheld device. You can download it here.

July, 2016 - The Companionate of Clann Ui Chruadhlaoich
Taoiseach Michael-Patrick O'Crowley sends us two items of interest. First, the Clan Council has nominated four people to receive "The Companionate of Clann Ui Chruadhlaoich". You may recall this article in the Spring, 2015, issue of the Crowley Newsletter describing this honor. Michael-Patrick's announcement of the first recipients is here. Second, the reserved block of rooms at the Maritime Hotel for the 2016 Gathering has sold out. There are still rooms available, but their rate is €130 per person, sharing, for a double/twin room, and includes breakfast.

July, 2016 - Summer Newsletter
This is the final newsletter before the 2016 Gathering. It contains instructions on how to use PayPal to reserve your registration, and a brief synopsis on the planned activities. There are also articles about our Spanish cousins, Jenny Cote's current project, and resources available from the Skibbereen Heritage Centre, as well as several letters from Crowleys around the world. Hope you enjoy it!

March, 2016 - Spring Newsletter
The latest issue of the Crowley newsletter has information on how to get around Ireland when you come to the Gathering (you ARE coming, aren't you?), an article on another Crowley centenarian, and letters from Crowleys in the U.S. and Melbourne, Australia.

Clan Gathering, 2016
The most up-to-date information we have on the upcoming Gathering can be found here.

New Year's Greeting
Taoiseach Michael-Patrick Crowley sends the clan his greetings for the new year. You can read his letter here.

October, 2015 - Fall Newsletter
The Fall issue of the Crowley newsletter has arrived. It contains news of the 2016 Gathering, an article on Clan Traditional Dress, and letters from Crowleys 'round the world, including one from Stephanie Farrell Grohs, in which she tells us about Rev. Denis Oliver Crowley and his ministry among poor orphans in early California.

July, 2015 - Summer Newsletter
The Summer issue of the Crowley Newsletter is full of interesting articles. Leo Crowley sends us news of his father "Lord Summerfield", who is 101 years young, and still going strong! There is also an article from our Taoiseach about the fourth official heraldic record of the Crowley Arms, and a story from Jocelyn Crowley Morris about an act of heroism by her great-aunt Mary Elizabeth, who was only 11-years old!

April, 2015 - Spring Newsletter
Now entering its 20th year, this issue of the Crowley Newsletter contains two articles from our Taoiseach - an announcement of a new honor for Clan members, and a short family history that Michael-Patrick has traced back 300 years.