List of the O’Crowley Clan Septs and their respective landholding when applicable, with note on the local overlord or sept served.


O’Crowley Buidhe (fair); in Kilshallow; Dromfeagh, Connagh, Lishilane

possible seats; stone fort and raths, Dromfeagh, Connagh

probable date of establishment: early 1500’s, stemming from Auliffe Chief in 1484


O’Crowley na Madrai (of the hounds): in Kilshallow; Dromidiclogh, CahirUiChruadhlaoich, Buckeries, Kinneighbeg

seats; Dromidiclogh castle, Stone fort and raths CahirUiChruadhlaoich, Dromfeigh, Dromidiclogh

probable date of establishment: 1400’s


O’Crowley Og: Kilshanan, Skeaff, Burrane, Kilbrittain

Seats; Skeaff castle, Kilshanan stone fort, Burrane castle

probable date of establishment: mid 1400, with the taking of Kilbrittain castle and manor lands by the MacCarthy Reagh  - Under MacCarthy Reagh, Prince of Carbery


O’Crowley MacFyneen (from Fyneen Chief in 1577): Drumgarrif, Gallanes, Granyshaghe in Kilnagross parish confirmed in 1493. Fyneen the progenitor of this sept was Marshall to the MaCarthy Reagh in 1577. This sept will also establish itself in Muskerry under the MacCarthy Muskerry where Fyneen and his sons Conor and Donagh served The MacCarthy Muskerry and acquired and held lands near Macroom until 1702.

possible seat: moate and fosse Drumgarrif

probable date of establishment: early 1500’s

Under MacCarthy Reagh Prince of Carbery, and MacCarthy Crimeen sept


O’Crowley Ciappach (the tormenting): Aughiduff, Farranemeane, Kippagh

possible seat: rath Aughiduff

Under O’Donovan clan Loughlin sept


O’Crowley Riough (red); Ballinacariga, Phale (both south of the Bandon river), RossCarbery

Possible seat: Ballincarriga castle and Phale castle as wards

probable date of establishment: steming from Teige MacAuliffe (Chief in 1488) circa 1500’s

Under O’Hurley (Ballinacarriga) and MacCarthy of Phale or Slioch Cormac ni Kelly sept (Phale), MacCarthy Reagh Prince of Carbery (RossCarbery)


O’Crowley na Gabhna (the smith): Murraghie

Under MacCarthy Clan Shane sept


O’Crowley Baccach (lame): Caheragh, Tooreen, Behagullane

possible seat: stone fort and rath; Tooreen, Behagullane

In Caheragh under O’Donovan clan Cahill sept

O’Crowley Mac ui Flaithbeartaigh (son of the descendant of the bright ruler) or of the Monteen; Monteen, Burren –

possible seats; stone fort; castle of Monteen (as ward) probable date of establishment: mid 1400’s, concomittant with the taking of Kilbrittain castle by The MacCarthy Reagh. This sept as a marshall force assisted The O’Reagan of Monteen in tax collection due to the MacCarthy Reagh.

Under MacCarthy Reagh Prince of Carbery and O’Reagan of Monteen sept.