This article appeared in the Crowley Clan Newsletter - Summer 2003 by Marian Crowley Chamberlain

In the modern era there apparently have been seven gatherings of the Crowleys. The first was in 1970 in Bandon County Cork and was highlighted by a motorcade of 200 Crowleys to the site of the Crowley castle at Ahakeera near Dunmanway. Crowleys worldwide participated including one from Nairobi, Kenya. All branches of the family were represented-Crowley Riochs, Bachach, Doireanach, Ceanthan, Doinine Bui, and Beldum.


James Crowley, who was a veteran of the Irish War of Independence, was unanimously elected Taoiseach. In 1920 James Crowley had been captured and handcuffed by eight English soldiers, but he escaped. As reported in the Cork Examiner in 1970: "Coming to the main road junction well-know to Mr. Crowley, he broke ranks, knocked his eight-man escort to the ground with a shoulder heave, broke his handicuffs and cleared a five-foot gate after getting a blow of a rifle butt on the head and made good his escape. Mr. Crowley is credited as being the only Irishman ever whilst handicuffed securely by British captors to make good his escape in their presence by breaking handicuffs."

Elections were held in subsequent years, but gatherings were apparently small and informal. The next gathering was in 1979 presided by Taoiseach Flor Crowley N.T. (If anyone has added information of Gatherings not mentioned, I would like to hear from him or her).The 1981 rally was held on September 13 in Kilbrittain, County Cork. A reception was held at the "Pink Elephant." Dr Sean Crowley was elected as Taoiseach and Dr. Patrick Crowley, County Kilkenny, gave a presentation on the role of the Crowleys at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.

The next gathering occurred ten years later in 1991 at the Mass Rock in Kilshinihan with Fr. Dan Crowley (Coachford) and Fr. Liam Crowley (Ballinadee) presiding. A visit was made to the Abbey in Timoleague where three Crowleys served as Guardians of the Friary from 1666-1672. At the evening meal in the "Pink Elephant," 150 Crowleys enjoyed presentations by Mrs. Kathleen Crowley Doyle (Behabullane) and Michael Patrick Crowley (Paris, France). John V. Crowley P.C. was elected as Taoiseach.

Gatherings were then held in various County Cork venues, during September, at three-year intervals: 1995 in Dunmanway, 1998 in Bandon, 2001 in Clonakilty. We will cover these in a future issue.The next Gathering will be September 3, 4, and 5, 2004 in Bantry, County Cork at the Westlodge Hotel, 2007 at the Quality Hotel in Clonakilty, 2010 at Acton's Hotel in Kinsale, 2013 at the Trident in Kinsale and 2016 at the Maritime Hotel in Bantry.

Thomas Crowley, An Taoiseach


Taoisgh Of The Crowley Clan (Modern Era)

James Crowley    1970-1971

Donal Crowley    1971-1972

David Crowley     1972-1975

Flor Crowley N.T. 1975-1979

Flor Crowley T.D. 1979-1981

Dr. Sean Crowley 1981-1982

Christy Crowley   1983-1991

John V. Crowley   1991-1992

Kitty Horgan         1992-1995

Flor Crowley        1995-1998

Charles Crowley  1998-2001

Thomas R. Crowley 2001-2004

Liam Crowley          2004-2007

Marian Crowley Chamberlain 2007-2010

Jerry Crowley          2010-2013

Michael-Patrick O'Crowley    2013-2016

Dr. Patrick Crowley    2016-2019

It is interesting to note that David Crowley above is the father of the (2004-2007) Taoiseach, Liam Crowley.