Crowley Clan Website 1.0


Before discussing this new incarnation of the Crowley Clan Website, it is important to remember and thank the contributors/creators who created and maintained the original version of the Crowley Clan Website.

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Many people have been involved in the creation and maintenance of the Crowley Clan Website.  They include: 

Brian Crowley,

Thomas R. Crowley,

Viona Crowley,

Maree Hanley,

Don Crowley,

Richard Darrough, 

Jim Ritzert, who redesigned the site and served as Webmaster for more than a decade is especially to be thanked for his countless hours of hard work and dedication. 

Marian Crowley Chamberlain, who started the newsletter in 1996 and served as writer, editor, and publisher, worked with Jim to provide copy for the website. 

Seán Varden Kenny for supplying his professional photography skills for the betterment of Crowley Clan. See Seán's photographic website at SVK

Catherine Budd for spearheading the research into the Genealogical history of the Crowley Clan.

and others of whom the editor is not aware. 

Thank you all! 

Other Notes:

The web site was hosted by DomainHost International, with content provided by members of the Crowley Clan.

In 2008, the entire site was re-worked to make it more accessible, and was re-coded using XHTML and CSS. The CSS styling is based on Matthew James Taylor's Perfect 3 Column Liquid Layout. This CSS is 100% valid and hack-free, and uses no images for the column colors.

The site has been tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer (ver 6.0), Mozilla Firefox (ver 3.5), Google Chrome (ver 6.0), Apple Safari (ver 3.1.2) and Opera (ver 9.25). Every page has been validated by the World Wide Web Consortium for conformance to XHTML and CSS standards and conventions, and the site is proud to display these certifications.


Crowley Clan Website 2.0


In 2016, a review was undertaken of the then current Crowley Clan website, to see how to integrate more up to date technology, including a shop feature. The Crowley Clan are always grateful for the foresight of Thomas R. Crowley and the website wizardry of Jim Ritzert, updating the site in 2008, but nearly a decade later, it was felt that to achieve the many cherished goals of the Crowley Clan, an updated website with an integrated commerce feature, was a vital requirement. 

Under former Taoiseach Michael Patrick O'Crowley, and continued under Taoiseach Dr. Patrick Crowley, along with the assistance of former Taoiseach Thomas R. Crowley, the decision was taken to create a new website using the same recognisable Crowley Clan website name,  

This website was created by Peter Crowley, with the professional help of Miko Coffey ( and help & guidance of Marian Crowley Chamberlain and Jim Ritzert.

An important factor was to make sure to include as much as possible from the original Crowley Clan website, and that proper attributions are made.

The web site is hosted by Squarespace, with content provided by members of the Crowley Clan.