For two decades, Marian Crowley Chamberlain has organised and edited the Crowley Clan Newsletter, which was a vital link to Crowleys all over the world. In Autumn 2016, Marian edited the Newsletter for the last time, retiring from her Editorship, after long service to the Crowley Clan. Currently, there are no plans to continue with the Newsletter as we think that the combination of Website/Facebook/Twitter will provide an updated, more immediate alternative. Time will tell ! In any case, it is important to preserve the wealth of information contained within the Newsletters, so the information from each Newsletter has been saved as multiple PDFs. To read, just click on the links below :-


2016    Spring                   Summer    Autumn   

2015    Spring                   Summer    Autumn

2014    Winter/Spring      Summer    Autumn

2013    Spring                   Summer    Autumn

2012    Winter/Spring      Summer    Autumn

2011    Winter/Spring      Summer    Autumn

2010    Spring                   Summer    Autumn

2009    March                   July          November

2008    March                   July          November

2007    March                   June         November

2006    March                   July          November

2005    March                   July          November

2004    March                   July          November

2003    March                   July          November