July, 2008 - Restoration completed

Restoration Finished at Crowley Castle

By Marian Crowley Chamberlain

O’Crowley’s Castle is looking great! The work on phase three of the restoration is complete, and the hearth and windows are visible and well defined. It is easy to stand facing the north wall and visualize what life must have been like for our ancestors in the 1500’s.

We have some members of the Crowley Clan Council who live in County Cork to thank for this remarkable restoration. These Crowleys had the courage of their convictions when they made an interest-free loan to the Crowley Clan for the castle work. They felt it was imperative to do the work as soon as possible for two reasons. First, there was the fear that delaying would cause further damage and deterioration. And, second, they knew that waiting would only result in a higher cost for the project.

Now it is time for us to say thank you by helping with the loan repayment. The total for the work was €33,000, and the outstanding balance is €14,000. That is a lot of money by any standards. But we can do it. Several people have already made the loan. If 28 people would pledge €500, or if 56 people would pledge €250 a year, we would be debt free by 2011. Of course both larger and smaller donations are always welcome. But, right now we are looking for readers of this newsletter to come forward. Please contact your country representatives today, and let them know what you are willing to pledge. Any questions or comments, contact me. crowleychamberlain@gmail.com.


Peter Crowley