Togher Castle

Togher Castle.jpg

Togher castle was the propriety of the prominent sept of the MacCarhys of Gleannacroim which lordship was formed in 1366. These also owned the Dunmanway castle now disappeared (Castle Street marks its near emplacement). The MacCarthy of Gleannacrom were after the MacCarthy Reagh, Prince of Carberry, the most prominent clan in Carberry. As the records show the O’Crowleys often intermarried with them, Gleannacroim is on the border to the O’Crowley territory; Kilshallow.

The O’Crowleys along with the MacSweeneys  were the core of the MacCarthys of Gleannacroim fighting force, as many pardons demonstrate.

By Michael-Patrick Crowley

Peter Crowley