Timoleague Castle

Timoleague Castle.jpg

Timoleague castle at the end of the 16th was owned by Fyneen, The MacCarthy Mor who was often sent to the tower in London on account of his rebellious activities. Fyneen was the nominal King of Desmond, though officially he was styled Prince of Desmond.

The O’Crowleys then styled “of Carbery” constantly supported Finghin MacCarthy as it is noted in English documents of the period;

- In 1594 when Finghin was then imprisoned in London, “was to be examined among his followers, cosens and kinsmen in Carbery Teige MacDonell I Crooly, als. Brannagh” (Teige MacDermod Brannlagh O’Crowley, the then Chief).

 - Finghin wrote the same year;   “to some of mine owne men, namely Mulraney O’Crowley and Edward Seaback who I sent to keep the castle of Timoleague for me “.

The castle is now behind walls and can barely be seen from the coast road, it is in private ownership. Opposite the strand is Timoleague abbey, the O’Crowleys provided 4 abbots prior to its dissolution.

By Michael-Patrick Crowley

Peter Crowley