Ballincarriga Castle, Dunmanway

Ballincarriga Castle.jpg

Ballincarriga is south of the Bandon river, opposite to Dunmanway. Originally a MacCarthy castle it became a O’Hurley castle in the mid century through marriage (Ballinvard was another O’Hurley castle). The O’Crowleys were ward of the castle and provided fighting men to the O’Hurley, however, they remained neutral during the Elizbethean war and were not attained. O’Crowley intermarried with the O’Hurleys who provided pledges for the O’Crowleys limiting the forfeiting of lands.

A pardon of July 1584 includes Donogh Grana (ugly) McCormock O’Crowley and Deirmod ny Mroc (of the badgers) McCormock O’Crowley both of Ballinacarriga described as “Florence Carties men in county Cork”.

In 1601 a pardon includes Dermod McConor Reagh O’Crowley of Ballinacarriga

The castle is well a visit as it would be near what O’Crowley castle would have been.

By Michael-Patrick Crowley

Peter Crowley