Cork Post Office General Directory 1844-45

The following first appeared in the November 2007 Edition of Crowley Clan Newsletter, by Mary Casteleyn.

The extract below is taken from Chapter XI Remarkable Persons born in this County which appears in The Ancient and Present State of the County and City of Cork by Charles Smith, and published in Cork City in 1893.

Fineen Crowley, a labouring man, born at Oldcourt, in the parish of Ringroan, was anno 1747, ninety seven years of age, (therefore born 1650); he was then very hearty, and able to work at the spade, was he not hindered by a disorder of his hands. He was never purged, or let blood, in his life; and being sent for by Lord Kinsale, I had this account from his own mouth.

The Gentleman’s Almanack 1801 lists a Timothy Crowley, Clothier at 38 Lower Bridge Street, Dublin.

The Cork Post Office General Directory 1844-45 lists the following:

In Cork City

  • Daniel, woollen draper, 39 Patrick’s St and 13 Mardyke Parade
  • Timothy, eating house keeper, 39 Fishamble St
  • William, timber and deal yard, 13 Leitrim St
  • Jeremiah, writing clerk, 23 Hanover St
  • Philip, Gingle owner, 43 Evergreen St
  • John, baker, 6 Fitton St
  • Mary, clothes dealer, 43 South Main St
  • Mrs, 2 Lancaster Quay
  • James, tailor, 2 Christ Church Lane
  • Patrick, lodging house, 11 Chapel St
  • Thomas, hat dresser, 9 Kyrl’s Quay
  • Timothy, gardener, 12 Evergreen St
  • Ellen, painter and glazier, 25 Kyrl’s Quay
  • Cornelius, shopkeeper, 132 Bandon Road

In Clonakilty

  • Crowley’s Hotel, Sovereign St

In Cloyne

  • James, linen draper

In Coachford

  • Daniel, bakery
  • Daniel, innkeeper
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