James Crowley of Victoria, Aus. Born Cork 1836, Died Victoria 1921

Jennifer Le Marshall, Australia:

My Great Grandfather James Crowley was born in 1836 to James Crowley and Joanna Tobin. He left Cork in the late 1850's to visit a cousin in Boston, USA and married an American lady from Wheeling, Virginia. Her name was Katherine Wilson. They went on to Australia to visit another cousin, John Crowley who lived in Bendigo in the State of Victoria. James died in Victoria, Australia in 1921.

John had made his fortune in the gold rush. James and Katherine had several children, including my paternal grandfather, Cornelius Crowley. Cornelius married Mary Morris and they had 7 children, 6 boys and 1 girl.

My father, William Crowley was one of the sons. Mary Morris's parents were John and Margaret Morris. Margaret Morris (née Kennedy) was born at sea in 1854 as her parents, John and Bridget Kennedy emigrated from Tipperary to Australia. The Kennedy's eldest great grandchild, Des Dwyer, a cousin of my father, William Crowley, was invited to the funeral of JF Kennedy in USA.