Denis Crowley of Burrane, Timoleague, Co. Cork

My name is Denis Anthony Crowley & I would like to introduce myself to the 'Crowley Clan'.

I was born in London in 1954 & now live in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. My father Maurice Crowley was born in Burrane, Timoleague, Co Cork, as were his forefathers.

Below is a video of Burrane (thanks to to give you an idea of Burrane.

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I can trace my fathers family tree back to my great great great grandfather, details below:

great great great grandfather:
Denis Crowley
Catherine Condon

great great grandfather:
Maurice Crowley - 1813-1903
Catherine Hennessy - 1820 -

great grandfather:
Timothy Crowley - 1840 -
Nancy Donovan - 1850 - 1889

Denis Crowley - 1875 - 1956
Katie Leary - 1895 - 1933

Maurice Crowley - 1927-1982
Joan Cronin - 1925-2014

I know Maurice Crowley & Catherine Hennessey had another son:
Denis Crowley - 1846 - 1881
Mary Flynn - 1854 - 1907

The descendants of Denis & Mary live in Boston, Massachusetts. They are the only other Crowley branch of my family tree that I know of. The Crowley family from Burrane are buried in the eastern end of Clogagh cemetery. The last member of the family to be buried there was Hannah Crowley, who died on the 31st January this year.

Buried adjacent to my family are the Crowley from Kilbrittain, who were prominent during the Irish War of Independence. I'm still tying to establish a connection between the two families.

Have you had anybody enquiring about the Crowley families from Burrane & Kilbrittain?